Jayne Cobb's mom made him this cunnin' hat. It's not beautiful, but it does say something about the wearer! This pattern closely matches the original hat as seen in Firefly episode "The Message."

Lambs Pride Bulky in A. Autumn Harvest, B. Sunburst Gold, and C. Rust

Size 10.5 needles--16" circulars and double points

Basic hat is knit first, then stitches are picked up around the edge for the earflaps. This fits a 22" head and would easily stretch to a 23" head.

CO 60 loosely in A. Autumn Harvest on circular needles; join, being careful not to twist.

Place a stitch marker at the beginning of the round, k 20 stitches, place a second marker, *k1, p1* rib for the rest of the round. Repeat this pattern for five rounds.

The 20 K stitches will be the forehead of the hat.

Change to K each round and continue with A. Autumn Harvest for a total of four inches (edge to end, including the ribbed section).

Cut A. Autumn Harvest and join B. Sunburst Gold. K around for four inches (total hat length, 8")

K2tog for two rounds, switching to dp when there are not enough stitches to go around the circular needles. Cut 12" tail, pull through the stitches and weave in on the inside of the hat.


Hold hat open side up. Pick up 16 stitches with C. Rust starting at the edge of the K stitches (pick up in the ribbing).

St st for three inches (k one row, p one row); end after a P row.

Do short row: K 13, sl 1, TURN WORK AROUND, bring yarn forward, p 13, sl 1, TURN WORK AROUND, k to end of row.

St st for two inches; end after a P row.

K until there are 3 st left, k2tog, k 1
P until there are 3 st left, p2tog, p 1
repeat these two rows until you have six stitches left on the needles. Bind off. Leave 6" tail.

Pick up 16 stitches on the other side of the hat, this time ending at the K area. Make earflap again.


Make pompom out of C. Rust, do not trim for evenness. Attach to top of hat. Cut a few 6" pieces of C. Rust and dangle from ends of earflaps. Flip earflaps up; the short row will help make the flaps flip up.

Roll in straw and wear pearched high on your forehead. And, go see Serenity in the theater so that Jayne will fly again!