This I Believe

Have you ever dream of graduating from college? I  have, I believe that I have an opportunity to graduate from college and achieve my goals in life.I want to be the first one to graduate in my family and make them proud.College is like the beginning of life, you have a chance to start fresh.Almost everyone want to go to college and be somebody in life.My dream is to graduate and be what I want to be, a professional fashion designer.Tennessee Williams once said,The future is called "perhaps," which is the only possible thing to call the future.  And the only important thing is not to allow that to scare you.

            When I was 13 years old,I lived with my family in the city of Mexico.We all lived together like a real family.We didn't have problems, and we were always there for each other.My cousin Maria who was 17 years old was about to graduate from High School and go into college.My uncle,a respectful man,was proud of my cousins work.She was one of the smartest girl in school.When I didn't know how to do my homework I always asked her for help.My whole family was proud of her.I was proud of her too and I also admired her because of her way of thinking and doing things.Thats why we were all planning a party surprise for her after her graduation.She was always happy and she always had a smile in her face.But it all started when she met this boy at a party.

        During a party my cousin met a boy named Arturo.Everytime he saw her walking to school he used to tell her beautiful words but she just ignored him and walked away.But one day she felt in love with him and they started going out.When my uncle find out he didn't know what to do,so he went to look for help .But he couldn't do nothing about it.Since that day my cousin started getting bad grades in school.The principal from school told my uncle that my cousin didn't do her homework and that she had low test scores and if she didn't pass the test she was going to flunk and everything she had done all the year was not going to count.

       Later on my uncle found out that she was on drugs.He was very upset because he work so hard to make my cousin a strong woman and everything was going wrong.She just not didn't reach her goals but she also mess up her own life.I talk to her and I told her that i used to admire her because of her effort in school to get a college degree and how she studied so hard to get were she was and suddenly all of that is gone.What happend to the maria that I knew that one that used to always smile.Next thing you know shes in the hospital.Since that day she started getting medical help and everything started going well again.But she decided to start working and not go to school anymore because my uncle had to pay the house or else they were going to take it away from him.I admire my cousin even more because she was brave enough to leave everything in the past and start a new life.

    Have you ever gave up for something you worked so hard for?Sometimes I think that everything is going well but I realize that I was wrong.My dream is to graduate from college and be a professional fashion designer.If my cousin was able to start a new life I think everyone can with just a little help.Because I believe that I'm going to gadruate from college and make my family proud.

                   THIS I BELIEVE

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