*Yareli'S Page*

         Hey everyone my name  is Yareli, I was born in Tijuana Mexico. Im going to the 9th grade in Richmond High School .Right now I'm in this program called Summer School Bridge to earn ten credits and be ahead of  other students.This is a fun and educational program.Half of the time they teach us math and the other half they teach us english.Mr.Mannix,one of our english teachers in the summer bridge program,is helping us to be  prepare for high school.

            My goals to achieve in  High School.What I have to do to graduate from High School would be to pass all my classes and graduate with a college degree.I also have to pass the CAHSEE test in the 11th grade and if you dont pass it the first time they give you another opportunity until you pass it.I also want to graduate and study in college to be a professional Fashion designer.Since I was little I always dream to be a Proffesional Fashion Designer and I want that dream to come true.I also might have to take art classes In RHS to be prepare for college and be a Proffesional Designer.Im planning to go to UC BERKELEY and study there after RHS.I want my family to be proud of me,but for that to happen i have to graduate from college.

           What I have to do at Richmond High School?I have to get good grades in order to achieve my goals because grades are a very important part of achieving my goals.I also have to work hard and if theres something hard for me to understand I'll just have to keep trying and not give up because thats how i'm going to achieve my goals in life.Whenever i feel like giving up,I'll just work hard and not give up because thats how i'll achieve my goals.

        After graduating from High School,I'll be more closer to reaching my goals.In order to achieve my goals I'll have to work very hard because  thats the way to  achieve your goals and not to give up because thats how you never achieve your goals .Well I just want to thank all for visiting my page.

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