Smart Transportation Lab (STL)

The Smart Transportation Lab (STL) was originally founded when I was at SLU. It has now been reconstructed at the University of Arizona.

  • Weekly STL Group Meeting (Fall 2017): noon~2pm, every Tuesday (Pizza is provided !!! but please let Dr. Wu know first to make sure we have enough food :) )  


Current Lab Members (Still Recruiting...) - Please see Home for more info

 Postdoctoral Researcher 
Ph.D. Student
Lab Manager
Ph.D. student
 Ph.D. student
(Fall, 2017 ~ Current) 
 Undergraduate RA
(Spring 2017 ~ Present)
Amin Ariannezhad   
 Dr. Robert Kluger  Amin Ariannezhad   Abolfazl Karimpour   Xiaofeng Li  Adrian Cottam 
  • Traffic Safety
  • Performance Measurement
  • Intermodal Transportation 
  • Transportation Safety
  • Freeway Operations
  • Performance Measurement
  • Freight Transportation
  • Traffic Signal Systems
  • Data Mining and Visualization
  • Traffic Data Visualization
ME Student
(Fall 2017 ~ Present)
ME Student
(Fall 2017 ~ Present)

Alex Weber 

 Alex Weber Matthew Munden

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholar

(Fall 2017 ~ Current)
Visiting Scholar

(Fall 2017 ~ Current)
Dingxin Wu
Guiliang Zhou
 Dingxin Wu (Jacky)  Guiliang Zhou (Joe)
  •   Home University:Southeast University, China
  •  Home University: Jiangxu University, China

Lab Trainees

 Lab Trainee
(Fall, 2017~Current) 

Sal Licari
 Sal Licari

Fall 2017 Lab Members

From Left: Dingxin (Jacky), Guiliang (Joe), Jishun, Xiaofeng, Matthew, Dr. Wu, Amin,                            Adrian, Abolfazl, Alex, Wenming, Rob, and Ke

From Left: Ke, Rob, Wenming, Jishun, Adrian, Abolfazl, Amin, and Dr. Wu
 Fall 2017 Summer 2017

From Left: Jishun, Adrian, Cheng, Abolfazl, Chen, Amin, Shu, Kiet, Robet, Dr.Wu and Wenming
From left: Robert, Abolfazl, Amin, Payton, Zheng, Chengchuan, Dr. Wu, Jue, Kiet, Shu, Mohammed, Jishun

From left: Payton, Shu, Amin, Dr.Wu, Ming, Chengchuan and Cheng
Spring 2017 Fall 2016  Fall2015

From Left: Yao, Shu, Payton, Amin, Romulo, Ming and Chengchuan (CC)
   Spring 2016 Fall 2014  Summer 2015

UA STL Lab Alumni

Lab Trainee

(Spring, 2017 ~ Fall, 2017) 
Visiting Scholar

(Summer 2017 ~ Current) 
 Visiting Scholar

(Fall, 2016 ~ Current)
Visiting Ph.D. student

(Fall, 2016 ~ Current) 
 Lab Trainee

(Spring, 2017~Summer 2017)
Ke Meng 

 Nicholas Tritz Ke MengWenming Rao Jishun Ou  Katie Ogg
  •  Lab Trainee
  •  Home University: Wuhan Institute of Technology, China
  •  Home University: Southeast University, China 
  •  Home University: Southeast University, China
  • Lab Trainee 

 Graduated RA
Major in ECE
(Fall 2015 ~ Spring 2017) 
 M.S. Student
(Fall 2015 ~ Summer 2017) 
Ph.D. Student and Postdoctoral Researcher 
(Spring 2012 ~ Summer 2017)
 Visiting Ph.D. student
(Oct. 2014~Jan. 2016)
(June, 2016 ~ Jan, 2017) 
M.E. Graduate
(Spring 2016 ~ Spring 2017)
 M.S. Student
(Summer 2015~Fall 2016)

Zheng Li

 Kiet Dao

  Jue Zhang  Zheng Li    Dr. Shu Yang  Chengchuan An  Kiet Dao   Payton Cooke
  • Bluetooth Travel Time software development
  • Probe Vehicle GPS Data Driven Research
  • Transit Farebox Data Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Real-time Freeway Performance Measurement
  • Sustainable Transportation System Analysis
    • Transit System Analysis
    • Accessibility

  • Technical Session Instructor (CE460/560: Traffic Engineering and Operations, Spring 2015)
  • Home University: Southeast University, China
  • Research Area:
    • ITS
    • Traffic Signal

  • Bluetooth Project
  • Safety Analysis and Modelling
  • Performance Measurement

Undergraduate RA
Major in ECE/CS
(Spring 2016 ~Fall 2016) 
Undergraduate RA
(Spring 2016 ~ Fall 2016) 
Undergraduate RA
(Spring 2016 ~Fall 2016) 

Undergraduate Trainee 
(Fall 2016)

 Visiting Undergraduate Student
   (Summer, 2015) 

 Visiting Undergraduate Student
(Spring, 2016)

romulo federizzi moraes 

Long Chen   Chanlin Wong  Dylan Patal Mohammed Alturkait Romulo Federizzi Moraes Mariana Valle Eguren
  • Bluetooth Travel Time
  • Video-based sensors
  • New Traffic Data Collection Methods
  • New Traffic Data Collection Methods
  • Home University: Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
  • Home University: Pontificia Universidad   Católica de Chile, Chile 
  •   Research Area:
    • Ped/Bike

 M.E. Student
(Fall, 2014 ~ Fall, 2015)
 Ph.D. Student 
Fall 2014 ~ Discontinued in April, 2016 
  Undergraduate RA 
Summer and Fall 2014
 Undergraduate RA 
 Summer, Fall, 2014
        Undergraduate RA  
        (Fall, 2013 ~ 2014)

Visiting Ph.D. student 
(Summer ~ Fall, 2014)


 Ming Chen
Ahmad Fakhouri  Ming Chen 

Joel Amarillas

Anthony Huynh Giang

Ryan Brown

Hamid Mirzahossein
  • CE 460/560 TA - Spring 2014
  • As of 2016, NJDOT
  • Bluetooth Research
  • Research Area:
    • Traffic Safety Analysis 
  • CE363 TA - Fall 2014
  • As of 2016: Kittelson & Associates, Inc
  • Research Area
    • Transportation Web system development 
  • CE 363 TA - Fall 2013
  • Website Administration -Spring 2014
  • Lab Design and Construction -Spring 2014
  • Research Area:
    • Bluetooth Traffic Detection Project
  •  Original University: Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran
  • Sustainable Transportation

Lab Photos
The lab construction was completed in March 2014 - team effort led by Ryan Brown

 Angle 1   
 Angle 2

 Angle 3
 Angle 4

  • The lab was designed by Dr. Yao-Jan Wu during Fall 2011(Please see the original design)  and was under construction during Spring 2012. The lab had more than 10 students/scholars working in the lab @SLU during 2011~2013. Please find more info about our SLU STL history here.
  • After Dr. Wu moved to the U of Arizona, the lab has been redesigned in September 2013. Please see the design of STL here.