Yannone Lab

Welcome to the Yannone Lab Website.

    I have built this website primarily for friends and family interested in the research going on in my laboratory and to familiarize past and future lab members with the current state of our diverse research pursuits.  In the following pages you will find brief descriptions our work presented in simple and understandable terms. For those seeking a more detailed or in depth understanding of who we are and what we are doing, I have included links to press releases, student achievements, my Berkeley Lab Website, collaborators web sites, and many of our publications. 

    In my laboratory we focus our efforts on two separate areas of research; 1)  human health issues related to immunity, aging, and cancer, and 2)  microbial applications to energy and bioremediation. On the human health front, we work to improve care for immunodeficient children and cancer patients and study the related topic of the human aging processes. Our microbial work funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) focuses on microbes living in extreme environments and how best to understand and exploit their unique biology to aid in developing bioenergy processes and climate change interventions.

We enjoy our work a great deal and are happy to share some of it here, 

I hope you enjoy exploring this site,