Yanni Sun, 
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
Michigan State University
yannisun AT msu DOT edu

Research Interests:

My main research interest is in Bioinformatics/computational biology. I design algorithms and develop software tools to solve problems motivated by molecular biology. In particular, I am working on searching for functional elements (such as ncRNAs, protein  domains, etc.) in large-scale sequence data sets.


Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering, August 2008, download my dissertation defense slides  
Washington Univ. in St. Louis,
St. Louis, MO

M.S.   Computer Science, B.S.   Computer Science
Xi'an JiaoTong University,
Xi'an, China    


CSE331 Algorithms and Data Structures. since Fall 2008

CSE891 Introduction to Computational Biology, since Fall 2009