Expert in Microbiology and Molecular Biology                                                                              French  

R&D manager,
AD Nucleis. Grezieu-la-Varenne (Jan 2011).
    - Projects: - Development of recombinant proteins applied to the real-time and quantitative PCR.
                   - Development of in vitro diagnostic kits for the detection of microorganisms applied to Food Safety, Human Health and
                     Animal Health.
Management of the AFNOR certification of in vitro diagnostic kits.
   - Management, budgeting, quality control and production manager, scientific writing.

Research engineer
, National Institute of Research in Agrifood (INRA). Lille. (oct 2006-Dec 2001).
    - Projects:  - Development of an enzymatic cleaning agent to remove biofilms in food industry.
                       European patent  EP 2243821 A1, award CIFA 2009.
                       - Surface molecules and properties of Bacillus cereus spores involved in adhesion.
    - Lab manager in molecular microbiology.
    - Co-writing of the European project SUSCLEAN (scientific and budgeting parts).
    - Certification of laboratory for the use of GMO and referee for hygiene and safety procedures in molecular microbiology area.
    - International scientific communications.

Senior research fellow, University of Washington. Seattle. USA. (sept 2002-sept 2006)
    - Projects: - Quorum sensing and genomic regulation of the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
            - Environmental factors influencing the biofilm development of the pathogen P. aeruginosa.
    - Referee in confocal microscopy.
    - International scientific communications.

Attaché of research and teaching. University of Lille I. (jan-aug 2002)
    - Teaching in microbiology (undergraduate and master degree level) and research.

Junior research fellow
, Structural and Functional Glycobiology laboratory (UGSF), CNRS, University of Lille I. (sep 1998-jun 2002)
    - Project: - Functional analysis of proteins and genes involved in glucan biosynthesis in the enterobacteria Escherichia coli.
    - Training of internship students.

   - Molecular biology: Recombinant proteins production, DNA microarray, (real time and quantitative) PCR, protein purification, gene expression, mutagenesis,
                                          fluorescent reporters.
   - Microbiology: bacterial genetics, biofilms.
   - Biochemistry: low pressure chromatography (filtration, affinity, ion-exchanges), electrophoresis (proteins, DNA, gel shift), Westernblot.
   - Microscopy: Laser-scanning and contrast phase microscopy, microfluidic.

   - Ph.D in health and life sciences. University of Lille. Honor award. Adviser: Pr Bohin J.P.. (1998-2002). Link
   - Master degree in molecular and cellular biochemistry. University of Lille. (1995-1996).

  - Bio-informatics: DNA microarray data analysis (Affimetrix, GeneSpring, Imagene). Genome sequence data mining (PSI-blast,  ClustalW, Philips).
  - Microscope Images analysis softwares: Metamorph, LSM zeiss, lasersharp, volocity.
  - Office : Word, Excel, Power Point, Endnote, Photoshop and GraphPad prism.

- English: fluent.
- French: mother tongue.

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