An American McGee's Alice machination

"Mechanical Heart": a small map I realize for my daughter. It won't be THAT mechanic but will surely have some scripted gears like here



 "Machinations" short map available before Christmas! Put it on your local pk3 directory (base) and lauch it trough the main menu by clicking "Prelude". Attention please do remove the map zPrelude.pk3 from the base directory. Youtube link here.



Yes a bit of a tech demo too, but more playable than ever. Still need to find the proper lightning of the level and pack the whole thing. I'd like to implement the footstep sound feature that Sleepite and Ji developped for Alice. Download here.


"The cage": Some boss fighting arena.

Very simple just a castle entrance and a playground for fighting. Some gameplay consideration: item and health should be triggered by Alice pulling levers. Once fight starts a giant cage will close the area. No map started.

"Verne": an ongoing long term project.

The Vernian project, imagined with Sleepite. It could be finished someday. We had airballons, steam gates and ... toilets! This project has some gamedesign considerations and if we want to finish it I think we should stick with them.

Test maps


Gears & Tools


About: A page to remind us that Alice modding is possible...



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