As Yankue MC doesn't have a land protection or chest protection plugin, we rely a lot on our members to obey our rules. Any rule breakers will be banned.
General Rules for the Player
  1. Respect the chat - no swearing, no spamming, no advertising, nothing that could upset, anger, or annoy other players.
  2. Don't steal - we don't have a protection system, so the odds of grief are incredibly high. However, like many of the rules on this list, you can't break it, but you can "bend" it. If you want to take something and repay them later, that is generally allowed. Stealing isn't accepted - players have worked hard for it just for it to be selfishly taken.
  3. Don't abuse systems - always use honesty shops as instructed on signs with the correct payment, don't sabatarge bases or redstone contraptions, and don't "beat the system", by using things as they weren't designed to for your own personal advatage.
  4. Respect other's space - don't build to close to other players. If they give you their permission, it is fine.
  5. Don't hackĀ  - hacks are prohibited. Any glitches that may be in the game that are just helpful may be used, but any glitches that cause lag, give you stupidly high advantages, or are over the top are not allowed.
Rules that us, as the Admin, will follow
  1. We will treat players the same - to promote the server, we do encourage players to make online content, but we will never give people free stuff, favour them when trying to make a judgement over a falling-out, give them better deals, or treat them any differently because of something like being a YouTuber, being friends with staff in real life, or any other reason.
  2. Our service is free - donations are always welcome to keep our server running, but we will never take actions against you for not donating, and we will never sell anything with real money, as it would be giving players that are willing to spend real money on Minecraft advantages over those that aren't.
  3. Your details are yours - the only personal details we need are your first name, email address, Discord name and country. We keep these secret, and never share/sell them to other players or external companies. We will never demand any other details.
  4. We will forever provide a great service - we will always try our very best to keep mean players off the server, make sure there are always fun, interesting builds and activities ready to be done on our world, and we will always try to keep the server a fun, happy place, for a lot of people.
  5. We will reply to your applications - definitely within a week, one of our staff will email you, if you have been accepted with the IP address, world information, and confirmation that you are on the whitelist, or telling you that you've been rejected, and how to appeal.

To prove you've read the rules, in the extra information box at the bottom of the application form, tell us what your favourite food is. You'll be rejected straigh away if you don't do this.