Welcome to the website of Yankue MC!
Welcome! We are a family-friendly Minecraft: Java Edition (1.14.4) survival server.  The server is a bit like Hermitcraft - it is whitelist, it is survival without cheats, and it is fun and safe.

The Server Opening
The server is just about to open! We are currently recruiting members. As soon as we get over 5 people, we will create the world, and send it live. The world will be scouted out by the admin first, to check it has a lot of space, a lot of resources, etc.
We are currently recruiting ready for the grand opening! We must have atleast 5 people to start up the server, but after that we will carry on recruiting, until we have roughly 40 members, then we will shut it.
Requirements for joining:
  1. You must have never been banned from a server before. We need people we can trust not to grief, as we don't have land protection.
  2. You must be (fairly) active. We know you have a life outside of Minecraft, but to keep the server alive, we ask that you log on usually atleast 3 times a week. That is usually - if you're going to be away for more than 2 weeks for travel or another committment, let admin know.
  3. You must agree to our rules. They are displayed on the webpage linked here.
As we need to grow our popularity, we are encouraging YouTubers to join our server. Any non-YouTubers will be allowed to join, but may not be very top priority, and we would encourage them to join YouTube.