On our server, we have different levels of player. Here are a list of them, and how you can get them.
This list is ordered from lowest rank (at the top of the list) to the highest rank (at the bottom of the list).

NOTICE: This is a public server, making it very difficult to keep track of everyone. If you don't contact us, you will almost certainly stay as a Guest for your whole Minecraft life. If you think you are eligable for any gamepass that you don't have, click here and fill out an application form, so that a member of staff can follow it up, and if you are eligable, promote you.

This is the category that is given as soon as you join.

This is awarded to players that have played for more than 2 hours, and have a money balance of over $200.

This is for players who play frequently, and are very good at Minecraft. You must have played for more than 12 hours, and have a balance of over $1000. This can also be donated by staff, if they see you being helpful or friendly in the server chat.

This is given to those who impress staff by being very good at the game, claiming a piece of land within the City of Yankue or are friends with admin, ShyGuy.

This is the category that is given to anybody who makes a YouTube video on our server. The view and/or like count does not affect it.

This is for staff who help to keep our server safe and fun. These staff are either selected by the Admin, or people in the Pro or VIP category that have volunteered to help out on the server.

These players are very experienced staff, who have gained a lot of trust from the Admin, and been selected to get given access to all the commands in the server, including banning people, and cheating in items for themselves.

This is for the very top staff member only, ShyGuy (MC name "HeyItsShyGuy"). This pass is never given out to anyone else.