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Crew Finder


Need crew?  Need a skipper?  Sign up here if you’re a shorthanded skipper or if you want to get out there and race, cruise, or just help out on a nice afternoon daysail. 

Crewing during a race will get you more comfortable with the close quarters involved.  There are many experienced skippers at YPRCC that would love the chance to take some interested folks around the buoys.

Email the Webmaster at or the Fleet Captain at "" to sign up.  Please make sure you give a preferred email address and/or phone number.

Skippers - Please say what you are looking for crew to do - racing, cruising, daysailing, etc.

Crew - Please say what activity you’re interested in, and available for.

These postings are here to help make sure everyone who wants to get out on the water can do so.  Once you make a connection, be honest about your expectations (skippers) and your experience level (crew.)  Enjoy!

See Comments below for people that would like to crew or Skippers in need of crew..