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YPRCC Takes Shakedown Cruise

According to YPRCC cruise director John Tidwell the group’s initial “Shakedown” cruise to kickoff the spring and summer cruising season began with an onshore celebration at the Tides Inn in Irvington.

“We included a few ‘land sailors’ who arrived by car for lunch to see us off,” said Tidwell, who sailed Gypsea, a Pearson 35.   Tidwell indicated that the cruisers anchored overnight in Yopps Cove before sailing to Jackson Creek off the Piankitank where they were guests at Fishing Bay Yacht Club.

“The folks at Fishing Bay couldn’t have been nicer,” said Gypsea’s first mate Betty Tidewell.  Carroll Schwab, first mate onboard Defiance, a Morgan Out Island 41, echoed Tidwell’s sentiments and added that Fishing Bay’s facilities were lovely.

Gypsea and Defiance were joined by captain Ed Richardson and first mate Lynn Richardson onboard Skydusky, a Mainecat 30 catamaran.  Tom Dade, captain of Islander, an Irwin 46 ketch, and his crew, Warren Ryan and Eddy Wichard, arrived for lunch only, as did John and Geanie Henley, George and Marlene Bott, Karl and Nancy Hamm, Bill Brandt and Julia Putney- Brandt.

In addition to trouble shooting boats and systems, Tidwell said that the shakedown cruise was a perfect opportunity to begin planning for YPRCC’s future cruises.  He advised that the group’s May cruise would be to St. Michaels via St. Mary City.  “And we’ve got seven boats signed up already for June’s cruise,” he stated, adding that one of the June destinations was Norfolk’s Harborfest, the largest, longest-running free maritime festival in the nation.

Reporting back to YPRCC cruisers who had been unable to test the waters on the shakedown cruise, Tidwell stated that all had gone well with crews and equipment and that no one had experienced a major mishap, unless you included “over eating and having too much fun.”  

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Cutlines for Picture

YPRCC “Shakedown” cruisers Warren Ryan and Tom Dade (sitting, left to right) relax while fellow cruisers (left to right) John Tidwell, Eddy Whichard, Betty Tidwell and Win Schwab join them on the dock.