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* March 18 Shamrock Shindig

posted Feb 28, 2017, 5:40 PM by YPRCC Webmaster   [ updated Mar 21, 2017, 7:09 AM ]

“Blarney Bill” Entertains YPRCC

“Blarney Bill Arnold,” Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club’s loquacious leprechaun and teller of tale tales, entertained the club’s members and guests as they celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a Shamrock Shindig around their brightly decorated “hearth” in Lancaster. 

The group, decked out mostly in varying shades of green, enjoyed an Irish feast featuring beer cheese, soda bread, and broccoli/roasted garlic soup along with the traditional corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots, expertly prepared by YPRCC chefs.  Slices of homemade Guinness and Bailey’s Irish Crème chocolate layer cake, Irish potato candy and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies topped off the meal, all served by the “shameless shamrocks” team.

Event chairman Betsy Armstrong introduced Arnold stating that he would be sharing “believable blarney,” and Arnold didn’t disappoint.  He began by explaining that when a storyteller pulls up a stool and sits down, it’s a signal to his audience that no questions need be asked and that it was time to be silent.  He then explained the tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, advising his listeners that leprechauns enjoy pinching people but can’t see the color green.  So, if you’re wearing green, you’re safe.  You won’t be pinched.

Arnold continued with the story of Brian O’Branagan, an Irish tale about a man who had no story to tell, and ended with a few historical anecdotes about St. Patrick, including the fact that he wasn’t Irish.  He added that the Irish were well loved because everyone believed that “one drop of Irish blood allows you instant entry in Paradise, no questions asked.”

Armstrong explained that the Shamrock Shindig was part of the club’s monthly social calendar under the direction of rear commodore Nancy Hamm.  “It’s so much easier when you have a great team of volunteers to help,” said Hamm.  “I just get out of the way and let them be creative, especially with decorations and food choices,” she explained.

Armstrong and commodore Win Schwab welcomed “honorary Irish guests” Tony and Irene Russo, Robyn Sloan, Christine Brubaker and Ronnie Holmes.

Volunteers for the event included chefs Betsy Armstrong, Carol Jacobsen, Margaret Anne Fohl, Jackie Ferriter, Warren Hottle, Bill Arnold, June Dade, Jane Fortin, and Sue Johnson.  Lucy Hottle, Ellen Dugan and Karren McGlohn (visitor) were responsible for decorations, and Lee Jacobsen, Lucy Hottle and Karren McGlohn assisted “shameless shamrocks” in serving.

Jackie and Nick Ferriter headed up the Irish kitchen clean-up team, and music for the event was provided by member “Danny Boy” O’Huddy who sails under the name of Dan Huddy.

 Recipes for the broccoli roasted garlic soup and the Guinness Bailey’s Irish Crème chocolate layer cake are can be found below, Armstrong advised that “the calories are worth it.”

Broccoli/roasted garlic soup:

Guiness/Baileys Irish Cream chocolate layer cake (double the Baileys :):

Irish Potatoes Candy: