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 Host a Club Event -
A good way to get involved in Club activities is to host a social event. Whether it’s a dinner following a race or the Crab Feast, hosting an event is a great way to contribute to the Club. Contact the Nancy Hamm Rear Commodore. 

 Seminars -
Educational Seminars cover many areas dealing with Boating. Check the information below for subject detail. Contact Anker Madsen Fleet Captain

** Spaghetti Boys Night

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***Just a Reminder***


RSVP no later than Wednesday February 11th to: - 

Indicate what you intend to bring.  

***2nd Annual Spaghetti Boys Night at YPRCC Pasta House***

February 18 @ 6:00 PM


Fee at the door - $15.00


Ladies, sit back and enjoy or endure!!!



The menu:



Caesar salad


Spaghetti with meat or meat-free sauce

Outstanding Desserts!!!


***MEN ONLY*** Please bring 1 of the following:

An appetizer -

You may pick from among:

cured Italian meats, olives, pepperoncini,

mushrooms, anchovies, artichoke hearts,

various cheeses (such as provolone or mozzarella),

pickled meats or vegetables in oil or vinegar. 


A loaf of plain Italian bread - 1" slices.


We may ask you to change what you bring to level the distribution of food items.

At the end of dinner, men attendees will be asked to assist with clean-up. 



Eddy Whichard


Life of Riley

No Pussyfootin'



* Chilly Cook Off

posted Jan 26, 2017, 1:31 PM by YPRCC Webmaster   [ updated Jan 26, 2017, 1:31 PM ]


                 New member,
 Mitch Bober the Chili Cook Off Winner                                                        YPRCC Chili Chicks          


YPRCC Holds Chilly Chili Cook-Off

Homemade chili in crock pots of all shapes and sizes vied for the top spot in Yankee Point Racing and Cruising Club’s Chilly Chili Cook-Off competition held recently at the organization’s clubhouse in Lancaster.  Eight different kinds of chili, from venison to vegetarian and beef to turkey, competed for the coveted “Best in Bowl” or first prize, with new member Mitch Bober’s chili judged the winner.  “It must be the molasses,” Bober quipped. 

After sampling each chili as it was served in small plastic cups by the club’s “Chili Chicks” wait staff, members and guests voted on their favorite by placing dollar bills in jars opposite the crock pots and then filling their bowl with the chili they liked best.  “I’m putting my money where my mouth is,” said one YPRCC member who voted for the winning entry.  Another observed that each chili was so good that he would have to vote for all eight. 

Rear Commodore Nancy Hamm noted that the fun event was a chance for team-member husbands and wives to work together and pointed out that five of the entries, including the winner, had come from men.  She also noted that an all-male team was already planning the club’s next event, the annual Boys Service Spaghetti Dinner in February.  “It’s nice not to have to do anything and be waited on,” Hamm said. 

The mid-winter chili event was coordinated by team leader Dee Whichard  assisted by chili chicks, Melise Graham, Barbara Pulling, Carol Charbeneau, and Elizabeth Berube.  YPRCC chili cooks were Marlene Bott, Kip Caudle, Brent Sparks, Elizabeth Berube, Bill Arnold, Daphne Kasteel, Mitch Bober and Russ Armstrong.  Sixty-five members and guests participated.  Bober’s winning recipe can be found at

Bober’s Chili

Good Enough to Lie About!

2 pounds of Ground Beef (1lb. of Chuck & 1 lb. of Round is best)

2 cans (15.5 ounces each) Dark Kidney Beans

2 cans (15.5 ounces each) Light Kidney Beans

1 large onion—chopped

1 or 2 chili peppers—chopped

Tabasco sauce

3 Tablespoons molasses

¾ cup dark brown sugar

Chili powder

Dry mustard powder

16 ounces of Catsup

¼   teaspoon vinegar

Worchestershire  sauce

¼   teaspoon  fresh grated nutmeg (optional)

Tomato sauce (optional)


All great chili makers lie about their product.  It’s hard to make really bad chili although most Texans don’t know it.  Usually when folks hear this recipe they nod until I mention the catsup.  I don’t have the time to plant, grow, harvest and cook fresh tomatoes.  Catsup works fine.  If your guests are offended by the thought of using catsup, lie to them.

This is two pan chili.  I use a large cast iron frying pan for browning the onion, chili peppers and beef.  Then I simmer all of the ingredients in a large stock pot.

To begin:  Chop the onion and chili peppers (El Torrido brand is fine).  Saute  (I use a few drops of oil) until the onions pieces are transparent.  Turn up the heat and slowly add in the beef.  When all of the beef as been browned, add the Tabasco sauce, a dash of chili powder, the dry mustard, the Worchestershire sauce, and the nutmeg.  Cook together for a few minutes.

Move the beef/onion/pepper to the stock pot.  I use a slotted spoon to help drain the fat.  Add in the remaining ingredients and simmer, and simmer, and simmer….

Thoughts on perfect chili: 1) Most people want to enjoy the flavor of the dish as opposed to enduring a “trial by fire”.  A few misguided folks—usually teenage boys and other macho types will complain that real chili should be “hotter”.  You should not associate with this type of person.  If you must serve them, put the Tabasco sauce on the table and allow them to “hot up” their own portion.  2) The optional tomato sauce is for those who enjoy a “redder” chili.  These are OK folks with a need for chili like Mom used to make although hers came out of a can, and they never knew.  3) Sometimes this chili comes out a tad too sweet.  Sad but true.  A few drops of vinegar will cut the sweetness.  Be careful, or you will be serving Sweet and Sour Browned Beef with Chili Flavor (Hunan style).


* Seminars

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Please refer to the Activity Calendar for current scheduled Seminars.

* 2017 Calendar Update

posted Nov 30, 2016, 7:14 AM by YPRCC Webmaster   [ updated Feb 5, 2017, 8:07 AM ]

As a result of the February Mainsheet the  Activity Calendar has been updated.

Some event dates have change. Seminar's and Cruise's heve been added, all changes have been highlighted in RED.

For changes in Events contact Nancy Hamm
For Seminars contact Anker Madsen
For Cruises contact John Tidwell 

* Race Management / Rules Training

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Pre-Season Training Opportunities

DRAFT - Oct 30, 2016


DATE              Day     Location            Training                                               Contact Info


Jan 21             Sat      FBYC    US SAILING ONE DAY                                804) 307-3212


      Meets seminar requirement       

      for US Sailing Club Race Officer

      certification (new and renewal)    



Feb  4              Sat      NYCC     MURPHY RULES CLINIC                           (757) 850-4225

                                                    Including NEW rules changes               

                                                            (0900-1200)                                         nycc:


Feb 11             Sat      NYCC     ULLMAN SAILS TRIM SERIES 1               (804) 776-6151

    for Club and Cruising Racers         

(0900-1200)                                         nycc: ??


Mar  4              Sat      RRYC     MURPHY RULES CLINIC                           757) 850-4225

                                                    Including NEW rules changes        

(0900-1200)                                         rryc:  ??


Mar  4              Sat      NYCC      ULLMAN SAILS TRIM SERIES 2              (804) 776-6151

       for  Advanced Racers                  

(0900-1200)                                         nycc: ??


Mar 18             Sat      HYC       MURPHY NUTS & BOLTS                         (757) 850-4225 

                                                       for RACE COMMITTEE               



Mar 25             Sat      BBSA     MURPHY NUTS & BOLTS                         (757) 850-4225 

                                                `      for RACE COMMITTEE                

            (0900-1200)                                         bbsa: ??





NOTE:  These seminars/courses are OPEN TO ALL.  For information on registration and on fees, use the contact number or email shown.  This list is not intended to be all inclusive; contact individual Southern Bay clubs and/or sailing associations for additional information on these and other training opportunities.  Additions will be made as information becomes available.



Contact for this list:  Lin McCarthy, SBRNYCU, 757-850-4224,   DRAFT Nov 17, 2016



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