1. Welcome

Welcome to the reopening of Yankee Point Racing & Cruising Club

June 10, 2020

Dear Club Members:

Our Board met Monday at the Club on the back deck.  It was a delightful
experience - excellent weather and being with friends.  While there, we
actually discussed Club business.  The primary topic of discussion was when
and how to reopen the Club.

We determined the Club will reopen in a limited way beginning the evening of
Wednesday, June 17 for happy hour.

In doing so, we ask that you observe the following:

*        Signs will be posted to remind us to wear masks except when
drinking or eating and observe social distancing.

*        Clorox wipes will be available, please use them to clean hard
surfaces after using the restroom and to clean your table when you leave the

*        There will be 3 round tables and 3 square tables setup inside with
4 chairs each, spread out - social distance-wise.  There will be 2-3 tables
setup on the deck with 4 chairs each, also spread out.  That means seating
is limited to 24 at tables inside the clubhouse and 12 on the deck.

*        You might consider bring a lawn chair if you would like to sit in
the back yard.  We also have picnic tables available near the water's edge.

*        For food and drink, bring your own consumables - no sharing of food
except with family members.

*        Use single-use paper plates, cups (available at the Club), etc.
There should be nothing to wash unless you choose to wash the dish(s) you
brought to the Club.

*        When you depart, clean-up after yourself - wipe down hard surfaces
and store any tables/chairs used on the deck appropriately.

*        Please do not visit the Club if you are not feeling good, have a
temperature, have a cough, believe you may have been exposed to someone with
COVID or if you have recently traveled within an active COVID region in the
past 14 days.

*        For the time being, please do not bring guests to the Club on
Wednesday evenings.

Anker, our Fleet Captain, is investigating to possibility of restarting our
racing - please stay tuned.

Finally, we believe you are looking forward to being with friends and being
the social animals that you are.  We also believe that some may think twice
about the risk of exposure.  The Board asks that while at the Club, please
observe these rules - it's all about keeping you and your friends safe.

Eddy, Commodore

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