When we study history it is divided into segments. We study ancient Greek history and then we study ancient Chinese history, but we never ask, "What was going on in Greece when this was going on in China?"

 Travel wasn't as fast or as available as it is today, but it was available, especially to the rich, the educated, the priestly classes. Communication did exist between societies. Lighthouse fires could be set up on hills to announce major expected events around the world within hours of their occurence, boats travelled the water between big coastal cities, exchanging people, things and information.

Also, some historical events are disputed or controversial. Theories about why something happened may be based upon the selective reading of one aspect of history but ignoring the history of the rest of the world at the time. Sometimes other events that may not appear to be related on the surface may have some weight to bear on whether to believe whether something did or did not happen in the past. This timeline is intended to try to pull together events from the past that may appear to us today to have no connection but might have had at the time.

Date/Time measured as approximate number of years ago
13,700,000,000 The Big Bang, creation of the universe
(After inflation stopped, the universe consisted of a quark-gluon plasma cosmic microwave background)
13,699,620,000 atoms (mostly hydrogen) form
13,400,000,000 stars form
10,000,000,000 other atoms form in stars
5,000,000,000 Earth forms 4.567 billion years ago
1,400,000,000 eukaryote cells form together to form soft animals like jellyfish and worms
250,000,000 The "Great Dying". 90% marine & 75% land life killed (Pangaea)  Permean/Jurassic boundary, fungus thrived (lots of dead stuff to eat). current popular explanation: methane hydrates caused global warming
85,000,000 dinosaurs killed
17,000,000 "Adam's Bridge" (in India) formed if (you believe) it is a natural geologic structure
130,000 cats began to live with humans
80,000 beginning of major ice age
20,000 Mean global temperature is approximately 4 degrees C lower than in the year 2000
20,000 Blood type A appears
11,400 end of last ice age
Date Time measured as years before the common era began:
(BCE) (Years ago = BCE + current year )
11,000 End of Ice Age, ergo global warming begins
10,800 Intense heat events (called  Windermere Interstadial.) 
10,500 Sphinx built if it was built by previous intelligent species that inhabited the earth..
10,000 Extinction of large mammals
10,000 Wheat apprears as a hybrid from wild wheat in the Middle East
8,000  Still getting warmer. In Africa at the time, Sahara a huge grassland, desert begins to form.
6,200  Global warming ends, global cooling begins, (possibly caused by collapse of two giant glacial lakes in Hudson Bay area of Canada. Sea level rises.)
5600 - flooding of the Black Sea due to rising sea levels.
5000 History begins (beginning of written records)
4300 BC, Babylonian clay tablets detail recipes for beer.
4004 Suggested young earth creation date
4000 Global climate almost identical to 2006
3700 Sumerian written records begin. Records say, "Everything we know, we learned from the Anunnaki".
3500 Badbury Rings occupied
3010 People begin using wheeled carts and chariots.
3000 Closed oven invented/introduced, allowing variety of breads to be baked
3000 Tower of Babel (Gate of God/the gods)  built by Ur-Nammu
2900 Gilgamesh, king of Uruk (Iraq) in ancient Sumer, goes to mountain to ask for  immortality (unsuccessfully) from the gods (according to Epic of Gilgamesh)

2686 Beginning of what is called the Old Kingdom of Egypt
2580 Sphinx built if (you believe) it was built by humans
2484 Flood of Noah
2350 Peak of global warming; 3 degrees C higher than 2000.
2300 Sargon, from one of the Sumerian cities, unites the people of Babylonia under his rule
2160 End of what is called the Old Kingdom of Egypt
2000 Epic of Gilgamesh written down. (It is assumed it was transmitted orally before that)
2000 Abraham was born at Ur (Babylon, formerly Sumer)
2000 An angel gives Abraham the secret/grains to make fermented milk (kefir).
1944 Tower of Babel destroyed
1848, 1792, or 1728  First year of the reign of Hammurabi of Babylon
1597 previous last fly-by of Nemesis (conjectured failed star twin of Sol).
1527 Birth of Moses
3321 (Jewish Year) Moses brings down the Torah (written law) from Mount Sinai {??see 1527BCE)
1500 an Exodus date
1500 "Adam's Bridge" built if it was built by humans
1500-1400 sun stood still in  middle east for about a day according to Joshua 10: 12-13
Third year of the reign of Titu Yupanqui Pachacuti II, the fifteenth monarch of Ancient Empire Times, night lasted 20 hours longer than normal (after a brief sunrise and sunset in the east) in America according to the Annals of Cuaulititlan
1479 Hatshepsut, granddaughter of Ahmose Nefertiri, reigns in Egypt 
1450 Thutmosis III
1440  or 1447 an Exodus date (Biblical)

1404 Long day of Joshua according to David Gaddy of "Big Time Bible Study".
Hammurabi gets law from sun-god Shamash
1400 Thutmosis IV removes the sand from the Sphinx
1400 Pigs begin to be taboo to all deities.
1352-1335 Akhenaten's reign (1364 - 1347?)
1348 Amenhotep IV adopts Atenism and changes name to Akhenaten
1350's Akhenaten and Nefertiti
((Nefertiti assumes a masculine identity toward the end of Akhenaten's rule - that of the young co-pharaoh Smenkhkare - and marries her daughter.))
1312 Moses brings the Torah down from Mount Sinai
1300 Egypt withdraws from Canaan
1272 suggested date for death of Moses, supposedly at age 120
1270  the Assyrians overpower Babylon. For the next 700 years, Babylon was a lesser power as the Assyrians dominated the ancient world.
1200 Kingdoms collapse. General economic crisis. Dark Age begins.
1200 End of Bronze Age, beginning of Iron Age
1200 an Exodus date
Philistines invade Israel. Jericho Destroyed.
1200 Enuma Elish written to celebrate Babylon (with Marduk as the main hero)
1184 Traditional date for the Trojan War.
1175 Another date proposed for the reign of Akhenaten
1134 to 246 BC, Chinese Chou dynasty, soy designated sacred grain with barley, wheat, millet and rice, but soy was not used as food.but as a nitrogen fixer in the soil
1100 Marduk becomes chief god of Babylonia
1006 David becomes King of Israel
1000 Asia and Europe start to come out of Dark Age
1000 Mosiac laws on food preparation introduced.
960 Temple built
955 Ark goes to temple
927 Egypt invades Israel and loots Solomon's Temple taking all the stuff during reign of Rehoboam, son of Solomon.
864 Elijah at Mt. Carmel
750 (approx) calendars around the world change from a 360-day year to a 365 1/4 day year, and begin counting days from new moon to new moon, as there are no longer 30 days per month. (Tradtional societies measure the year by looking for the sun's appearnace on different places on the horizon)
749 big earthquake
701 alternative date for the day the sun stands still (Joshua 10:12: “Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon.” ).based on a 360-day year calendar.
701 Hezekiah and the backward-moving Shadow
700-600 Babylonians destroy the Assyrian capital of Nineveh.
700-600 Tholes of Miletus observes the attraction of light to rubbed amber.
626 Babylonian independence was won from Assyria by Nabopolassar.
630 - 562 Nebuchadnezzer (dies at age 68)
605 Nebuchadnezzer son of Nabopolassar becomes king of Babylon (takes things from the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem and brings them to Babylon/Iraq.) puts Shadrach, Meshach and Abendago into furnace
587 Babylonians destroy Jerusalem and carry the leading citizens of the Kingdom of Judah as prisoners to Babylon.
586 Babylonians loot the temple
570 Zoroaster preaches in Persia (Iran)
550 Earliest use of cast iron in China
539 Tower of Babel falls
500 fall of Babylon
500 Death of Pythagoras
469 - 399 Socrates (dies at age 70)
386 Plato opens Socratic School
Hippocrates of Kos (460-377 BC) marks the transition from a magical view of health and disease to one of belief in causation
356  Olympias claimed that Philip was not Alexander's father, but Zeus in the form of  a serpent identified with the god, Zeus Ammon.
332 (Nov) Alexander the Great enters Egypt, welcomed. Visits Oracle of Amon. Sacrificed to Apis to become Pharoah
Pliny (Gaius Plinius Secundus, 23-79 AD, a universal scientific writer
5 JC born , Hale-Bopp comet appears
Date/Time measured as the commonly accepted era, Common Era:

400 End of the Nubian (Pharaonic) Empire
476 Fall of the Roman Empire
535 Krakatoa erupts
593 China recognizes Empress Suiko of Japan (1st recognition of Japan)
613 Mohammed beings preaching monotheism
632 Death of Mohammed
853 First book printed in China
900 mini-global warming perid begins (800 - 1300 is called the Medieval Warm Period or MWP))
1000 slavery of the Classical type increasingly uncommon in Northern Europe and, by the 11th and 12th centuries, had been effectively abolished (Classic slavery: slaves get tips. can buy freedom in about 6 years, according to Cicero)
1173 - Nubian Christians surrender to Islamic invaders and Sudan become Moslem, Moslems celebrate by killing all pigs.
1211 Genghis Khan invades China
1275 Marco Polo goes to China
1295 Marco Polo returns from China
1300 mini ice age begins
1314-1316 famine in Europe
The MIddle Ages in Europe is about the same time period as the Samurai Period in Japan
Bubonic plague strikes China
1348 first wave of Black Death plague
1441: Start of European chattel slave trading in Africa.(Chattel slavery: slaves cannot buy freedom, even if they had the money.)
1400 – 1850 is called the Little Ice Age
1450 Population of Beijing, China, 600,000
(Chandler estimate)*
1500 Population of Beijing, China,  672,000 (Chandler estimate)
1560 - 1850 Western Europe experience a very cold climate
1564 7th December, frozen Thames allowed the court of Elizabeth I to indulge in sports on the ice at Westminster
1610 sunspots begin to be monitored (as the telescope had been recently invented)
1691 Witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts
Last Ming emperor of China commits suicide
1645 until 1715 (Maunder minimum) sunspot activity decreased (very few sunspots)
1784 - 1798 solar cycle 4
1870 Chattel slavery and mini ice age end
1892 Reindeer were brought to Alaska from Siberia
Communists' Long March in China
1980 US abortion rate is 29 per 1,000 women aged 15-44
2003 Supposed flyby of twin sun Nemesis past sun (see 1597 BCE)
2004 Sun more active than at any time in the past 8000 years (Max Planck Institute).
2004 US abortion rate is 20 per 1,000 women aged 15-44 (30 year low)
2004 Dec 26. tsunami in Indian Ocean, earthquake equivalent of 9.0
2005 Great Tsunami in Indian Ocean

2007 Sunspot activity at near zero
2008 March predicted start of solar cycle 24
2009 November false start of solar cycle 24
2010 January 25 solar cycle 24 starts again
28th of October 2011, alternative end of Mayan long count calendar (common date of Dec 21, 2012)

Book Recommendations
What on Earth Happened? by Christopher Lloyd "The complete story of the planet, life and people from the big bang to the present day." Quote from book on the origin of life. p.11:"A few hundred million years after the earth's fiery birth, inert chemicals began to duplicate into single-celled forms of life we now call bacteria. ... Bacteria merged to create more complex cells which themselves began to link together into the earth's first multi-cellular beings."

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