My name is Yang Zhang and I am currently an IC package design engineer in Apple since Sept 2017. Before I joined Apple, I obtained a master and Ph.D. degree from Georgia Tech in May 2015 and Aug 2017, respectively. Prior to my U.S. education, I finished my college study in Microelectronics and Statistics in Peking University from Sept 2008 to July 2012. I am very proud of being a Yellow Jacket and PKUer.

During my Ph.D. study, I work with Dr. Muhannad S. Bakir in I3DS group on emerging packaging technologies such as Intel Embedded Multi-Interconnection Bridge (EMIB), interposer, 3-D ICs, microfluidic cooling and mechanically flexible interconnects. My research focus is on power delivery network and thermal modeling and optimization for these novel integration platforms. During the first two semesters in Georgia Tech, I also worked in Dr. Sung-kyu Lim's GTCAD lab on thermal modeling and optimization for monolithic 3-D ICs, where I developed a very strong background and technical skills on VLSI CAD flow. Prior to my Ph.D. study, I had a wide research exposure in Dr. Xiaoyan Liu's novel device research lab in Peking University. I had hands-on research in graphene compact modeling and test layout design for 65 nm CMOS variability.

I had two internship experiences: one is in Samsung Device Research Lab in the summer of 2015 and the other one is in Oracle EMIR group in the summer of 2016. Both work are coding-oriented and require a solid understanding of RTL-to-GDSII physical design flow.

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College Graduation in July, 2012.

Ph.D. commencement in Dec, 2017.