Instructor in Radiology & Pediatrics , 

Boston Children's Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital

Harvard Medical School,




My interests and expertise are in medical image analysis algorithms (registration, segmentation, pattern recognition) and their applications in translational research (brain/breast/prostate oncology, CAD, neuro-degeneration, pediatric/mouse brain growth). The Research page introduces the related research projects where I made primary or important contributions.

Current Research: 1) Neuro-Development --- How to characterize normal neuro-development? How to gauge the normal range of variation? How to automatically detect developmental abnormalities?  2) Oncology --- How to automatically and effectively detect tumor? How to quantify tumor changes over time, especially the heterogeneity of tumor changes? How to assess treatment effects? How to predict long-term pathologic response, progression, and survival?

Degrees: I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Bioengineering (UPenn, 12/2012), advised by Prof. Christos Davatzikos and other committee members Prof. Andrew Maidment, Prof. Nikos ParagiosProf. Timothy Roberts and Prof. Paul Yushkevich. Previous degrees include MA in Applied Maths (UPenn, 05/2009) and BS in Electrical Engineering, BME division (Tsinghua, 07/2003).

One major contribution of my Ph.D. work was the creation of a publicly-available, extensively-tested/validated and user-friendly image registration software package known as DRAMMS (released 08/2012). It is the first fully-automatic and segmentation-free tool to register images of both normal and pathological subjects. Another feature is that it requires little (in the most cases we have tested, no) parameter tuning. Because of these features, it is now the basis for the neuro-imaging processing pipeline in SBIA lab and CBICA center at UPenn. It is also used daily by lab members as the fundamental tool in 10+ NIH-funded projects, which usually involve thousands of images to study brain, breast, prostate, and cardiac diseases.

Experience: In the field of medical imaging and medical image analysis, I have ~10 years of work/research experience. I worked in academia (research fellow in SBIA at UPenn, 2006-2012; visiting scholar in Ecole Centrale de Paris, Paris, France, 04-06/2010), in industry (summer internCAD Group at Siemens Medical Solutions, Malvern, PA, 06-08/2005), and in hospitals (clinical rotation in Surgical Anatomy and Radiology, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC, 05/2010; imaging technician, Radiology Department at the People's Hospital in Tibet, Lhasa, Tibet, 2003-2004).