About me

Ph.D.,  National University of Singapore, advisor: Dr. Tan Tiow Seng
M.S.,   Xi'an Jiaotong University
B.S.,    Xi'an Jiaotong University

I am a researcher in areas of biomedical image processing and analysis, currently working in the Allen Institute for Brain Science at Seattle. Before joining the Allen insitute, I worked in the IDEA research lab of University of North Carolina with Dr. Dinggang Shen. Prior to UNC, I also worked in the Section of Biomedical Image Analysis, University of Pennsylvania, with Dr. Ragini Verma and Dr. Christos Davatzikos

My research interests include: multivariate image registration, model-guided image segmentation, neuroimage classification and morphmetric analysis (especially longitudinal), diffusion tensor image (DTI) analysis (registration and DTI-based brain network analysis) and high-throughput microscope image processing/analysis.