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  • Assistant Professor, NUDT
  • Adjunct Master Advisor, Fudan University
  • Personal: yanghengnudt "AT" gmail.com
  • Business: chris "AT" ulsee.com

Recent News

  • My team at ULSee is looking for enthusiastic computer vision talents ( full-time, part-time and interns). We are  working towards providing world-leading computer vision solutions. 
  • Please try my OLD Face Analysis demo 玄之玄 www.xuanzhixuan.com 
  • Given the popularity of summarised Face Alignment methods, I have created a paper with X. Jia, C.C. Loy and P. Robinson on face alignment evaluation in depth, please view the project page and the correponding paper on arXiv. Data available from github 
  • I worked on a project on Vision based research for the automotive domain, sponsored by JLR: Endeavour
  • I have summarized most recent papers on Face Alignment with code and dataset link, please check FaceAlignment
 NEW RESULT on face and eye region alignment, 20/06/2015 updated.

Face and eye region alignment



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Conference Papers

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