Welcome To GuangLiang Yang (杨广亮)'s Homepage

I am a PhD candidate from the SUCCESS labDepartment of Computer Science & Engineering, Texas A&M University. 
       I enjoy doing research in system and information security.  I am also interested in programming languages, especially their application in automating security flaw analysis, detection, and mitigation.

Selective Publications
  1. Towards Fine-grained Network Security Forensics and Diagnosis in the SDN Era
    Haopei Wang, GuangLiang Yang, Phakpoom Chinprutthiwong, Lei Xu, Yangyong Zhang, and Guofei Gu
  2. Study and Mitigation of Origin Stripping Vulnerabilities in Hybrid-postMessage Enabled Mobile Applications
    GuangLiang Yang, Jeff Huang, Guofei Gu, and Abner Mendoza
    [pdf][bib][OSV-Free github]
  3. Automated Generation of Event-Oriented Exploits in Android Hybrid Apps
    GuangLiang Yang, Jeff Huang, and Guofei Gu
  4. Precisely and Scalably Vetting JavaScript Bridge In Android Hybrid Apps
    GuangLiang Yang, Abner Mendoza, Jialong Zhang, and Guofei Gu
  5. AutoProbe: Towards Automatic Active Malicious Server Probing Using Dynamic Binary Analysis
    Zhaoyan Xu, Antonio Nappa, Robert Baykov, GuangLiang Yang, Juan Caballero, and Guofei Gu
    Finalist for CSAW Best Applied Security Paper Award 2015
Other Projects
  1. Detecting Android malware by reconstructing high-level semantic from low-level syscall and bypassing anti-debug code, 2015
  2. LibSE: a generic symbolic execution implementation for GNU/Linux & Android , 2014
  3. big4_bib: the paper list of the top-tier computer security conferences since 2009 [github link]
       I am a reviewer of the journal “Elsevier Computers & Security”, and also external reviewers of several conferences, such as
            NDSS     2018,2017,2016,2015
            Usenix Security 2018,2017,2015
            RAID      2018,2017
            ESORICS 2018
            WiSec    2018,2017,2016
            ICDCS    2017,2015
            DSN       2017
            ACSAC    2016
            ASIACCS 2016,2015,2014
            Globecom     2016
            SPSM      2015,2014
            SecureComm 2015