What's new! on Feb. 3, 2016

I've got a used frame with loopend modified.
This frame was listed on auction for a while. but anyone did not bid.
As I have been thinking loopend modification,I got this frame at reasonable price.
Frame part beneath seat is one off made,not stock frame.
Rear suspension upper pivot section looks simple. No gasset.  I like it. How do you think?

 YAMAHA announced 2016 new color SR400 has come for Japanese market.

1988 SR500 caferacer
Used SR500 price got high these days in Japan. even at Yahoo Auction.
This 1988 SR500 caferacer is typical caferacer customed. She looks simple but a lot of parts were replaced than you expected.
In case of 2016 SR400,you can not remove side covers as fuel pump locates there. Try to remove front and rear fender then replace with clip on bars. She becomes care racer. 
Please look at a close up photo of ingition key between meters. There are no any marks of key position. This means SR500 have been runnin so long yearts actually like my black SR500.
I remember my SR500 funny episode. The key got away and was missing while I rode on highway on the way back home from STINKY.  The key and cylinder inside must have been worn for long years.
Then I had bought a new Key cylinder set from YAMAHA.

DELL SARA in Hiroshima's SR400FI caferacer Dell-sara 
I have never seen SR400FI cafe racer replaced with Firestone tyre.
Top bridge is Payton's TZ type and exhaust is Peyton's too. Headlight case was replaced with Lucas style. No fenders. 
Below year2000 SR400 bobber is 16inch rear wheel.  Rear suspension seems to change a little shorter suspension.  Handle bar changed.   Dell sara's custom technique is awesome.

I think their custom category Bratstyle. Their custom bikes are hi quality. Take a look their custom SRs. SMOKY MOTORCYCLE 

Garage Goods 2010 SR400fi,displacement changed to 500cc
She was changed to 500cc displacement.  Big engine head fins were welded,look like old british bikes. 
You will see rib on tankside. I thought rubber pad removed but they customized with ribs on tank sides.  
Headlight case and stay were changed. There are so many custom parts assembled. 

Classical black 2010 SR400fuel injection
She looks vintage SR. 
Bucause headlight case,meter cases and front fender are painted black.  And fuel tank graphics looks really vintage. 
Eliminating rear fender is good way but I would suggest she should ware short rear fender with black color.  

Norton Max tank
Norton Max replica tank for SR is made by several makers.
Below polished aluminum tank looks short in order to fit stock seat. I think it made by an Indian maker.
Imitating original tank precisely is better.
Peyton,Daytona and OverRacubg tanks are long tank so that they need a special short seat to fit.

MAGURA Hydraulic clutch system
Mr.Hayama asked me if he could get used MAGURA hydraulic clutch earlier. 
He is old to ride SR400 everyday use.  Kich start is tough job as SR engine sometimes does not ignite.
Gripping stock clutch lever is also heavy for him.  That is why asking.
MAGURA brand hydraulic clutch system is expensive even if it was used MAGURA.
Below left red hydraulic clutch system is carried by a SR shop.  
Right silver is assembled by on SR owner not shop's products.
Which sylinder is made in China.  China products might be low quality.
But It worth trying to build own hydraulic clutch system by yourselves. 
Me? My SR500 clutch lever is not heavy fortunately. 

I saw Fujitake's SR under construction at 2014 SR rally.
Fujitake makes one off parts for some SR shops,H-D shops and various shops.
Their works are awesome.  Take a look their blog.
You will see some custom SR at recent SR rally where I could not go to.
 2014 Fujitake's SR

YAMAHA released YAMAHA 60th anniversary SR400
Tank color is from YAMAHA old racer.  Some guys know this color patern. If you want to know further,go to Yamaha site.   

W650 with SR tank
I came across custom W650 with SR tank. I could not recognize W650 at first.
Which is installed SR tank and replaced with cast wheels. Wheels seemed to come from other Kawasaki's model.

Mike's SR bobber under construction from Kansas US
Updated on Oct.2015
Customizing progress might be slow but He do not conpromize for his ideal bobber.  I understand him and agree with him.
Pinstrip on rear fender is cool.   New paint looks awesome beautiful.  Thanks Mike for great custom SR like a professional!

2012 SR400fi with Over racing titanium exhaust and Peyton fender,seat and handle bar.
Over Racing titanium exhaust is so beautiful but expensive.  Which exhaust is weight lighter,titanium or stainless steel ?  It is not big difference.  I would recommend stainless steel exhaust.
Peyton Place very short rear fender,stainless front fender,seat,headlight case,stay and hadle bar are essencial for cafe racer. Rear suspension is also Peyton place brand.  

2011 SR400fi with Over racing exhaust
I found used SR400fi with Over racing exhaust as below.
Exaust looks stainless steel not titanium.  
Indicators are replaced with small.  Fenders are aluminium,rear fender installing Lucas type stop light.
I like this light custom SR.
SR400fi with Over racing exhaust

Dynojet Power Commander for 2015 SR400
Though I introduced below "GarageGoods"device, I do not forget Dynojet Power Commander.
We can buy it through internet shops but Dynojest does not support products purchased via. non-approval dealer.
Power Commander needs performance check after installation with Single Roller Dynamometer.
If you want high level performance for your SR400,I would recomment buy from approval dealer.
I would say,
If you use these devices,why do not you replace SR400 crankshaft with SR500 crankshaft to get much more power?

Tunning up SR400Fuel Injection engine with "Garage Goods" products.
Which is availabl at Webike - - - ->  http://japan.webike.net/products/21848223.html
It sounds difficult for 2015 SR400 owners.  Yes,I think so.
A shop "Garage Goods" supplies with Fuel injection tunning device.  
They specify Ratio: Gasoline1 & Air 13 is most effective than normal Gas 1 & Air 15. 
How do you check its performance ?  
If you have a motorcycle home-doctor or shops who hachassis dynamometer to evaluate, 
please try "GarageGoods" control unit !

After receipt of device and got problem with it, will Webike help desk respond quickly?
A Webike help desk will ask "Garage goods" so it will take some time.
Is a Webike help desk famillier with these devices?  I do not think so.
Count on me,if you are concered such situation.

SR651 fuel injection by AAA
Below SR651 is demonstraion SR of shop"AAA".  
They are engine tunning specialist so that some magazines intruduced their work.
SR651 fuel injection AAA Demonstrasion

Reader's photo added.
I received SR400fi photos from Thailand. Black color new SR400 is cool. Please see readers photo added.

Limited edition SR400 at hotel garage
I met limited edition SR400 at hotel last Saturday when I went long touring with my friend.
Next day, a lady kick-started SR very easily.
2015 SR400 is very nice for ladies as it is easy to kick start than ealier models.

Zohkeisha publishing SR only vol.11 is now on sale.
Latest aftermarket parts for SR400fuel Injection is introduced.
New shop custom SR information are introduced as well.
And you can see custom SRs of owners at Yamahaka lake rally.
Are you interested in ?  Please buy it on Amazon JP.

SR500 from Ireland,added readers photo.
She was restored by Ron from Ireland.

SR all Japan rally at Lake Yamanaka on May 10th 
I had been waiting for the rally but I could not get there due to bad cold.
Some shops exhibited custom SRs. I would introduce some.
It's great OMC Dustbin SR.
Tine Machine Motorcycle's racer Facebook
2%er custom bike shop
I will introduce some other custom SR later.Please wait for.

If Kawasaki W650 intalled SR500 fuel tank, "Not bad"

Magagine "Sound of single vol.6" is now on sale
If you can not get it at local bok store,go to Amazon;
When you are trouble in translation of details,you can ask me. Because I will buy it.  
In addition,which magaine introduces "DAYTONA" begun to sell NortonManx replica tank for 2015 SR400fuel Injection.
Daytona began to sell NortonMax replica tank for SR400fuel Injection

Shop WM's web shop http://www.wmpdt.co.jp/wm_online_shop/english/index.html
Some shops are openning web-shop in English like BratStyle,PaytonPlace and WM.
But quick response is not expected.  Traslater are not familer with specific SR parts.
When you were trouble with received goods,you will feel frustration in communication.
If you are in trouble,I might help you. 
However, If your goods were not expensive,I would ask you "give up this goods".   

JOINTS is scheduled in on April 12 2015 10:00-17:00 at Nagoya Port Messe
JOINTS custom bike show has been growing every year.
Custom cars booth are coming this year,so JOINTS occupy all building of Nagoya Port Messe.
So many visitor bikes will come,they also are worth viewing at parking.  If it rained,sorry bikes come less than expected. 
I will go there as I live in same Aichi prefecture.

2015 All Japan SR rally is held at Lake Yamanaka Communicatin Plaza on May 10 2015
All Japan 2015 SR rally  May10th (Sun) 11:00~15:00
location:山中湖交流プラザ“きらら”  Yamanakako Communication Plaza "KIRARA" No.2 parking
Google map: 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村平野479-2
The other 2015 All Japan SR rally is held at Ena port,Iwaki-shi,Fukushima prefecture 
Sep.13(Sun) 11:00~15:00
If you miss Lake Yamanaka rally,go to Fukushima rally.

Phillip's SR500 1978 in Australia. Photos from readers added.
                               found at barn 
 customed by Phillip

DEUS opened shop in Tokyo,
As you know DEUS is famous in motorcycle custom scene.
They opened shop at Harajuku,Tokyo in Dec.2014.
If you have a chance to stay in Japan,go to DEUS Tokyo.

FRP tank cover for 2015 SR400 fuel Injection
2015 SR400 is hard to change fuel tank,which is different from earlier fual tanks for carburetor.
Shop "Three A" carries FRP tank cover for 2015 SR400.  Two type covers are "BSA goldstar" and "Racer look" as below.
Do you prefer to aluminum BSA tank?  No problem. There days paint like aluminum plate is available onto FRP material at automobile paint shop.
Tank cover for 2015 SR400 fuel Injection

2014 YOKOHAMA Hot Rod Show was held
HOT ROD SHOW mainly exhibits Hot Rod cars and costom motorcycles.  You will see customized many Motorcycles V-twin old engines motorcycles.
If you were chopper/bobber fan,you can enjoy it.  For caferacer fans it could disappoint you. You can not find any cafe racers. However I found a Buell cafe racer with H-D's gray and red colors. Please take a look.

1998 SR400 bobber, light custom
Frame end is cut off and short fender with stock fender.
Indicators,stop lump looks vintage style. Owner seemed to make headlight stay and short seat to fit frame. 
I like these light custom by owner himself.  
1998 SR400 bobber

Picture from reader
Jason's SR400 35th Anniversary edition 2013model and his wife's SR400
Good season to ride in Japan,The scalet leaves contrasted finely with motorcycles,Green SRs,orange MT-09 and CBR1000RR.
35th Anniversary edition

2013 SR400 tank is stock graphical patern.
Front screen is Y's gear . Seat is aftermarket parts.

Newest SR400 which is still 392km riden.
When I made short touring,I encountered newest SR400.  Tank is awesome beautiful.  
Please see carefully.  As to twin lines on tank,outer line is ligth gold,inner line is silver. I admired Yahama's works. 

Vintage tires 
is attractive. Which look like balloon.
When you select rear short suspension,you should make front suspension low down.  

1995 SR400 chopper, check out its details.
This SR400 was customed by MMC motorcycle. 
owner is listing it on Yahoo Auction at 300,000yen starting price. Wow! real bargain.  
Because owner had spent 1,000,000yen or more for custom. 
Buying used custom chopper is better way than you do it by yourself. 
"Y's gear"option, SR400 frame shock absorber
which is unique product,
When assembled this shock absorber,vaibration gets reduced and handling response gets better.
I think it suspention mechanism for frame and whole body.
Note: This is applicable only to 2015 SR400 fuel injection.

SR400fi with PeytonPlace seat and short rear fender
Seat for fuel Injection SR is not usable to carburetor SR400/SR500. Muffler as well.
Very short rear fender looks SR400 cool.with PeytonPlace seat and fender
Below Peyton place's stainless muffler is beautiful. Y's Gear tail lamp replaces. 

SR400fi cafe racer by Garage Goods
This seat is GarageGoods brand,not to be NITROHEADS seat.  Tail lamp is unique shape. 

SR400fi by YSP-Kawachi
Upper SR400 selected Y's Gear optional cast wheels front 18inch and rear 18inch,which are lighter than 1978 SR500's wheels.
Both handle bars are changed. Optional Y's Gear red sun burst color and side covers are selected.  
WM's seat and muffler are for SR400fuel injection.  Indicators are small after market parts.
These new parts are expensive but they upgrade normal SR400FI.
custom by YSP-Kawachi
custom by YSP-Kawachi

Magazine SR only 10 is now on sale published by Zohkeisha 980yen
It's introducing latest custom SRs and parts for SR400fuel injection.
Shop's custom SRs are awesome. It is hard to tell you with words.
So,buy it at Amazon.

Used 2011 SR400FI custom by U-Trading
Customizing 2015 SR400fuel injection is limited due to some reason.
Fuel pump locates side cover inside. Muffler mounting point is different. Seat installing point is diffrent so you have to buy seat for fuel injection. so on...
Please see below SR400FI,which is assembled 265mm short suspension.
Normal handle bar is not good,which should be changed chopper handle bar. Tail lamp is Lucas type for cafe racer,which should be changed vintage looks one.
Seat looks boring.  How do you think? 

"STINKY" custom SRs at 2014 SR rally. 
I have been thinking how explain "STINKY"'s customized SRs awesome.
Red unique shape tank is quite beautiful. Which is same tank as my black SR500.
White tank is Ducati single replica tank for SR.
Norton Manx tank is specially designed for SR,which tanks are as beautiful as museum collections.  

SR400 rally was held on May 11 at Lake Yamanaka near Mr.Fuji.
It was fine sunny day to visit.  So many SRs came and they were quite amazing custom. 
Please see many SRs; 

Congratulation! YAMAHA released SR400 fuel injection in USA market !
When you make your own custom SR400fi,some aftermarket parts for SR500 parts dose not fit SR400fi.
Because there is small change in frame around step. Please remember it when order aftermarket SR400 parts.

Hayama's SR400
Hayama has been customizing Rob's SR400fuel Injection.
He have finished his red tank SR400 1997year model recently.
This SR400 was sent him from me to repair earlier.
Because there was no engine compression and I could not repair myself.
He is specialist in automobile so finished it like below photos.
He put Peyton place rear set.  
Hayama's 1997 SR400Hayama's 1997 SR400
And then he removed rubber caps on drum hub and made actual air scoop space.

Stadio TAC published "SR file 8"
It worth buy to see latest custom SR and parts.
Yes, You can find newest parts for SR400 fuel injection model.

Real racer is cool.
When I saw tanks of Yahoo Auction,I found it. Flame end was cut off. Wheels were changed. Honda racer's shape seat is cool!

Yamaha starts to sell SR400 fuel injection model in Europe.
European can buy it at your local YAMAHA dealer at last.
Other than Europe like USA,Australia and New Zealand,please ask your local YAMAHA dealer the schedule when they plan to sell.

2013 Yokohama HOT ROD SHOW was held on Dec.1st.

YAMAHA announced 2014 SR400
Brown color is new.  What is surprise 47,000yen price down than 2013 model.
It will be released Jan.14 2014.

Swing arm extension by "Garage Goods"
When you make a bobber/Chopper,you should extend swing arm about 2 inches.
That sound difficult. If you use following plate,you can make it.
Which plate makes axle shaft point at 35mm lower down and 50mm backward.
It is also recommendable to make a cafe racer.
SR with extended swing arm looks like old British bikes.  

SR400 black,moderate custom
Black rims looks vintage off road bike.
I was attracted by Daytona's black meter,which was cool.  We see almost chrome case in Daytona's meters. 
Bellinger caliper is also rare. SR owners like Brembo caliper.
Handle bar,fenders,rear step,muffler etc.were replaced with after market parts except tires.
Tires seem stock tire from its pattern.
Another moderate one
It is vintage look SR400 1995 year model.
A lot of aftermarket parts are installed.
Those are really nice selection.

I have got XT500 engine on Yahoo Auction
It was really old engine so that I could win.
Fins got aluminium rust which appeared under black paint.
At a glance there was not damage on both sides.
Condition was not bad Instead of its old age. I am satisfied with it.
My second green SR400 has no engine as I sold it to Marlon in AU.
If I installed this engine,it become SR500!  

Indicator problem was solved at last
I checked electrical continuity of indicator line.There was no problem.
And I cleaned up inside of left switch box but right indicator did not blink. 
I looked at wire diagram of service manual carefully and found mis-wiring.
I confused + line and - line.  Finally problem was solved.
It was mere mis wiring.   

I replaced 4 bulbs with 4 LEDs and changed to flasher relay for LED
But right indicator did not blink !   What is happening to my right indicators? 

My SR500 right indicator did not blink 
On the way back home a month ago,my friend told me right indicator did not blink. 
My SR500's flasher relay is conventional flasher relay not IC flasher relay.
As you know conventional flasher relay makes sound when indicator blinks.  
But when I removed a seat and turn left indicator on,it blinked and relay made counting sound.
When I turned right indicator on no blink,flasher relay made continuing sound like a beep.
I have to buy a new relay.
I am thinking to change bulb indicators to LED indicators with flasher relay for LED.
Good point of LED: LED consumes less electricity than conventional bulb light.
SR500 dose not generate sufficient electricity so LED lights are recommendable which works with less electricity. 
Bad point ?  I can not say. 

Origin of WM small fairing
As you know below blue small fairing is WM products.
It is pretty smaller than Peyton's Ducati fairing.
Do you know origin of this small fairing?
KAWASAKI built EL250E with small fairing a long time ago.
And some SR owner's begun to assemble it onto SR.
Then WM developed this blue fairing.
Please do not ask " How it works against wind ? "    

Meanwhile, below black SR wears Ducati replica side covers.
Cafe racer with short muffler and black rims looks cool.  

Mis-ordered AC motor not DC motor on E-V project
I checked the mistake last night again.
That was mis-selection of motor.  Controller was OK,no problem. 
I have to buy a DC motor as soon as possible.  E-V project is not easy to me.  
UPS, I made a mistake on E-V project
When I checked wire connecting point between controller and motor,I noticed something queer.
Two wires come to motor,but motor has three connection point "W, V, U".
This motor is 3 phase AC motor.  And controller is for DC motor so that there were two wire.
UPS, I mis-ordered controller.  I should have ordered controller for AC motor not DC motor.
E-V project delayed again. 

Goo used bike SR400
with Peanut tank and one off seat,loop frame end
This custom style is Bratstyle. 
But I remember MAGEE STANDARD SR500 when I saw it.
You can make it if you buy those parts from GARAGE GOODS.
Chrome crankcase cover and black color contrast is very good.

I have received 2 batteries for my E-V project
Almost parts are ready to drive electric motor.
I had to move the motor backward slightly and re-make a tray which stable batteries. 
Though they are still 2 batteries,total 24volt.
I purchased these batteries which are made in TAIWAN.

I have an idea,a request.
I mentioned rear fender moving forward was good way for cafe racer.
But plastic black mudguard will be no longer needed. It cannot be assembled with moved rear fender.
If you want to prevent from mud mess,you have to put plate or something on frame.
Dose any shop in Thailand develop a short mudguard for forwarded rear fender? 
Because they make really good works for SR as you see them on e-bay.

Touring with my SR500 on July 20 and 21.
I replaced handle bar with DAYTONA tracker bar and assembled carrier for rear luggage in advance with touring.
So I could move body on seat freely. 
I think long swing arm better for this touring style SR500.
Because touring style SR500 looks bigger than cafe racer style. 
Wind screen is perfect which makes comfortable on high way.

2013 New Order Chopper show, other than SR
Two Sportster caught my eyes.  
UPPER: Rigid frame Sportster with long wheel base looks lower.
LOWER: Hi performance Sportster is assembled with many aftermarket parts.
Body color is red and black,which is good design.
"NOIS" sportster

2013 New Order Chopper show 
was held at Kobe
This show displays mainly V-Twin custom choppers and bobbers. 
Metric custom bikes like cafe racer are not many.
 STINKY's seat and fuel tank cafe racerGARAGEGOODS rigid bolt on rear frame and H-D 74 springer fork
Please take a look other SRs at following;

used 1991 SR500
You often see BSA aluminium tank on custom SR.
No paint aluminium BSA tank looks boring but below golden rims and black engine combination is cool.
Nitro heads with white line is also good.
Note: Rear suspensions are a little shorter than stock suspensions. 

SR400 E-V project progressed. 
I have got a motor controller recently.
So I have made mounting plate and assembled them onto frame front.
I put MAGURA throttle and front brake lever onto handle bar.
I will wire next time.
I put MAGURA throttle onto handle bar and motor controller onto frame front,which looks like oil cooler. 

My SR500 with Green tank replaced
I replaced red tank with green tank removed rust. 
I made a short ride and had good feeling.
I will ride this style for a while as it is my ideal SR500.

SR400 with BSA chrome tank 
I found excellent custom SR400 at Yahoo Auction as below.
contrast of chrome and black part are perfect!
Shimple SR400 cafe racer
It is typical Peyton style cafe racer. 
I replaced black STINKY tank and seat with stock fuel tank and aftermarket seat.
I was planning to go tour with my friend so replaced with clip on bar,STINKY tank and seat to get better comfort.
Upright handle bar was quite good but aftermarket seat was not good for long ride. Rear set was slightly high position.
I changed to stock seat and added wind screen.
 ... before go to tour
... I actually went with stock seat and wind screen. How does it look?

JOINTS 2013 custom bike show was held on April 21
So many visitor came and it is worth viewing their bikes.
But Cafe Racers are a few because V-twin chopper and bobber are popular in Japan custom scene.
I think OLDSPEED FACTORY's SR best below. 
Below left is ZERO's cafe racer which was announced their new bike.  Below right is a unique XS650 custom
Below are visitor's bikes
left "GARAGE GOODS" custom  bike                           "TIN MACHINE" custom bike                                              
"GRAVEL CREW" custom bike                                           Unkown,WM tank and Peyton fenders
2%er custom bike

Congratulation Gareth ! Best custom bike pre1980 in Perth
The 6th annual Japanese bike show was held in Perth last weekend.
Gareth's SR won "BEST CUTOM BIKE PRE1980".
He is a fan of SR shop Matsumaru and made beautiful custom SR.
Though fuel tank is stock,I can tell a lot of parts he replaced.
21inch front wheel,vintage tires,handle bar,indicators,black wheels,muffler,
headlight and tail lamp etc.. 
His SR custom has not ended,he continues to replace with new parts.  

INTS 2013 custom bike show will be held on April 21 in Nagoya port area
I will go there as I want to see visitors bikes.

Latest used SR on Goo used bike web-site
I often see Goo used bike web-site as sometimes unique SR is listed.
Latest used SR on Goo web-site
This SR400 is customized look like British bike.
Rear part of frame is stretched horizontal.
Tank is imitated some British bike.

Reader's photos
Mike's SR500 bobber custom from USA
I received a message from Mike beginning of winter last year and have received photos of his modified SR500 frame.
Please see those photo's of their frame fabrication works.  Awesome works.  
Though it is still on frame work, I look forward seeing their custom bobber project progress.

Addiction Custom Motorcycles
ADC's chrome SR from AU is quite beautiful. "Chrome" is difficult to contrast black and chrome.
Because both color are strong impact. ADC's Cafe Racer is well balanced. Awesome!

"SR only Vol.8" by Zokeisha publishing was released.
As you know YAMAHA released 35th Anniversary model.
So Zokeisha released this magazine introducing it and newest shop custom SRs.
If you need it,go to get it at Amazon.JP. 

My black SR500 with STINKY Type3 fuel tank, it is my favorite tank.
I store used STINKY type3 fuel tank at my barn.
Today I have put it onto my SR500.
Left is no paint, and no impression,boring. It can not show its beautiful tank shape. 
Right is inspired from XT500 tank, not bad. I will put white "YAMAHA" emblem on it.

Ross Racing took the MPS/F500 class record again !
at 23rd Annual Speed Week Dry Lakes Racers Australia on 18 - 22 February 2013 at Lake Gairdner South Australia
They Ross brothers were MPS/F500 class record holder in 2010 
And they took the MPS/F500 class record this year again.

Stew Ross say
 “Very hot there, 46C! Despite the heat Ross Racing did well and took the MPS/F500 class record again. 
The speed was done by my brother Glen, rider 831. Excellent! He only had one run.
I had a big headwind (12 to 15mph) and could only manage 112.321 mph…so next time!
We already had the class record at 114.722mph from 2010. 
This time we did 125.357mph (202.2kmh)! Gearing 17/39.


Glen Ross


1982 Yamaha SR 500J











Stewart Ross


1982 Yamaha SR 500J










We are very pleased as it was against a couple of pretty fast 500 single Yamahas.                                                                                                                       One SR500 and a much modified TT500C with full bodywork fairing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We used the Bore Ace sprocket adapter and it worked very well. I have now fitted it to the SR mag wheel and it fits perfectly. “

Mr.Sakamoto of BoreAce would be an honor to join Ross’s speed record making.                                                                                                                                                                        The BoreAce sprocket adapter could make high speed as Ross proofed.

If you are going to Dry Lakes Racers Australia or Salt flat Race in USA with your SR500,                                                                                                                                                                                                              BoreAce sprocket adapter promise to have you good result.   Try BoreAce products !

My 1998 SR400 progress on Mar.1, 2013
Auction seller described "Former owner have been riding with bend fork inner tube. And no problem at all to ride"
I noticed actually bend inner tube on 
Feb.19 when I took a picture.
Because SR400 looked higher position like dirt bikes.
I have one pair of front suspension in garage stock to paint black.
I have to prepare fork seal and front suspension fluid.
I want to ignite engine but still needed set up to ride.

Magazine "The sound of singles SR vol.4 has come.
It is released today. Article are specifying 35th Anniversary model and latest shop customs.  
Price is 1,365yen. You can buy it at Amazon.jp site.
Of course I can buy for you and send.

West Japan Motorcycle show will be held on March 17 in Hiroshima
Not a few custom motorcycle event are held every year.
I would recommend you to go to these big event when you are in Japan.
You will enjoy custom motorcycle and visitor's bikes are worth looking at.

My 1998 SR400 progress on Feb.19, 2013
I placed aluminum tank and used seat as a trial. Peyton rear fender's tail light interfered seat tail end so I have to make extension for tail light.
How do you think this tank and seat combination? 

My 1998 SR400 progress on Feb.12, 2013
I removed aluminum plate to glue rubber sheet. 
Wire harness should not be harmed with plate sharp edge.
I put adhesive on rubber sheets and 2 edges and middle square hole. 


CR38 KEIHIN carburetor adjustment of my black SR500 on Feb.11,2013
Left: 14L YAM.STOCK Green tank    Middle: 12L handmade aluminium tank    Right: 17.5L STYNKY No.3 tank.
I wanted to check if a new aluminum tank leaks gasoline with my black SR500.  
Before mounting it,I was intending to move a retaining ring to upper position to get thinner gasoline because a plug got carbon like that.
Black carbon means gasoline flow thicker.  But I could not move a retaining ring upper. A retaining ring locates top of grooves.
I should change a needle to get thinner gasoline flow. I have to check what number needle I should buy. 

My 1998 SR400 progress on Feb.8, 2013
I cut plate to get a receptacle through.  I put a battery eliminator instead of MF battery because I want to ignite engine as soon as possible.
CDI UNIT ASSY  and  RECTIFIER/REG ASSY are settle beneath plate. 
Note: shape edges of plate should be covered insulation tape of rubber not to damage wires.

My 1998 SR400 progress on Feb.2, 2013
I placed electric parts and battery on plate to check its location. They are pretty tight so have to think wire harness location too. I put a handle bar colored gold in stock as I wanted to try. It is very good position. I relocated speedometer with hand made stay.Then I assembled Peyton Place rear suspension and carrier for saddle bags.                                                                                                                                                                                           

My 1998 SR400 progress on Jan.30
Former owner eliminated battery.
Steel plate for electric got rust so I change it to aluminium plate and 20mm width bar. Aluminum is lighter than steel.                                 
If you worry about stiffness, select aluminium 2.5mm or 3mm thickness though it get hard to cut with saw.
I purchased a 20cm x 30cm x 1mm thickness aluminum plate at homedepo 
and drill hole and cut it with saw for hardwood and small drill driver.
This plate will be mounted at hanger for side cover which has a hole. I drill holes on plate to mount.
After mounting plate temporary, I have to decide location of CDI UNIT ASSY  and  RECTIFIER/REG ASSY
and I will drill holes on plate for them.  I forgot tell that I recover a battery to get constant current flow.

YAMAHA released 35th Anniversary model.  http://www.yamaha-motor.jp/mc/lineup/sportsbike/sr400/35th/
Please refer to feature of it below. 
How do you think this 35th color ?

My 1998 SR400 condition
Rear fender is PeytonPlace and front fender also PeytonPlace products.
Left upper photo shows label of PeytonPlace brand proof.
If there was no label,I can tell it PeytonPlace products from Peyton's feature.
Peyton's fender material is stainless steel and connection of fender end.
Fomer owner eliminated Battery but I will recover battery to get constant electricity.
Spokes of wheel are clean and no dirt. Wheels are very good condition. How lucky I am!

I have got used 1998 SR400 from Yahoo Auction 
to make a caferacer with my stock parts and Sunburst green fuel tank. 

PRESTO seat type1
I did not know PRESTO is selling their seat.  How do you think? It is pretty beautiful shape.

Happy new year !
When I saw used bike web-site,I found following interesting bikes.
Welded frame end excellent work.  White color is very difficult to use. How do you think this bike?

New Generation? 
I like this style.  Lowered rear suspension,clip on handle bar,small headlight and vintage tires combination is feature of this style.
Is it bobber or caferacer ? How do we call this mixted vintage style?  Should I call Neo Board track racer?  Uhmmm...
 There is a problem to me "it has to be cut seat frame".

Let me introduce "Single Power Racing"
They are specialist for XT500&SR500 in Germany.   http://www.single-power-racing.com/
If you were live in Europe,they will answer your question and solve problem of your SR/XT. 
"That helmet is so cool !"  I like that graphic pattern.

2012 YOKOHAMA HOT ROD SHOW was held.
Many custom v-twins were exhibited. But several custom SRs were shown as below. 
Below are bikes other than SR.    
Left : Hide Motorcycle's sportster is best to me.  http://www.hidemo.net/modules/sportster/index.php?content_id=6        
Right: STUDS exhibited 2 inline four engine caferacers and 2 parallel twins.  http://www.studsmotorcycle.com/index2.html

2012 Yokohama HOT ROD SHOW will be held on Nov.2nd at YOKOHAMA Pacifico in Yokohama Bay area.
Of course I will go there. Just for your information.

Flakes SR with NSR250 swing arm,wheels and front fork.
When you see it actually,you will be surprised with its small size. 

Hi performance SR at 188,000 yen/USD2,336
I found it on Goo used bike web-site. I want to get it because a lot of parts for hi performance SR are already assembled. But it looks ugly.
Cost of assembling those parts must have been 188,000 yen or more. If I got it,I will make it cafe racer with standard rear suspension and clip on.
If you want to make a hi performance SR,I suggest you buy it and disassemble necessary parts to import your country. I will help to disassemble those parts.
How come rest parts? I will assemble stock parts and sell it. Hahaha :-)

Rod Spider's bobber is cool !
Simple and clean bobber. I like it!

SR400 bobber was torn down and parts were sold.
I found following bike torn down already at YahooAuction. 
I like this bobber which comes with stock tank,vitage headlight,modern tyres,black rims and low down suspension.
We can make it easy without much money like that.

What a cool Presto's cafe racers.
Above SR's tank is Peyton place Norton replica painted by Presto. And Peyton seat
Above SR's tank and seat is STINKY's products. Fairing is Peyton's.

Reynal Works recent custom SR 
I introduced their SR which looks stock earlier.
And let me introduce their recent SR custom.
It cut frame rear section but no bent seat frame.
This SR uses 265mm short rear suspension and lowered front suspension.
Low down custom is good way to make your SR cool.  
You do not need to weld. You only cut frame rear section.
5.5"dia. headlight is not too small and fits this bobber style.

Basement for Battery tray
I put a plate like a bridge between engine mounting points to study fixting point and its sizes. 

Battery layout
I made a mouting plate by lumber for motor,and then I tried to put batteries.
One sits in front of motor,the other 3 batteries sit on upper section of frame. 
But I can not make battery holder because I have not got battries yet. 

Sprockets alignment of E-V SR400
I assembled a front sprocket temporary and checked alignment of chain line between front sprocket and rear sprocket. 
That was good,no problem at all.

Status of my Green SR with elec.motor
After received elec.motor,I made several plates by wood to get better location and I almost have done. 
Where should I put motor ?  I think elec.motor should locate same location as combustible engine drive-sprocket.

Received Electric motor for my Green SR400
I received electric motor,sprocket and MAGURA throttle for my SR400.
Electric motor is most important part. Because I have to evaluate its mounting location.
And then I will be able to decide where I should put battery inside of main frame.
It took so long time to purchase them as lack of budget.

I've got cafe racer two seat pans.
As I found ideal seat basement on e-bay,I purchased and set them onto my SR. It is so cool,isn't it?
JOINTS 2012 custom bike show was held.
Please take a look. It shows SR and other bikes.

I have finished assembling Avon fairing at last onto my SR500.
To meet legal inspection,I have to assemble mirrors and other parts still.

I want it !  Big fin modification
Bitwo lists up used Big fin head on Yahoo Auction at 59,600yen.
Brat Style sells fins at 12,000yen but buyer has to weld them by themselves.

I visited to shop "Gravel Crew".  http://www.gravel-crew.com/custom/c157.html
Gravel Crew is famous shop in metric bike custom. I visited there with my friend.
W650 custom by Gravel Crew below.                        The gray one is my favorite SR400 above.

SR500 stock rear disc brake
One day a friend asked if there was rear set for disc brake.
I forgot Yamaha sold SR500E and SR500F equipped with rear disc brake.
We do not see rear disc SR500 in Japan. All SR500/S400 are drum brake in Japan.  So SR500E/F rear disc are rare.
Note: SR500E/F frames are different from SR500/SR400 frames with drum brake.
However you do not worry.  Some SR shops carry rear set for disc brake though they are expensive. Which rear set come with master cylinder.
I like this moderate custom SR400

At a glance this black SR400 looks stock. 

But this SR400 is something attractive to me.


Moderate custom is done on this SR400.

Rear suspensions are short suspension, which makes SR400 looks lower.

Front suspension is still stock, so it should be lower modified with some parts.

Head light is Bates type 5.5inch width. It is not too small and not too big like 7inch classical headlight.

Air filer box was removed and battery moved beneath seat.

Front and rear fenders are changed.

Muffler is replaced with Supertrap black color.


As to difference Overseas SR500 and Japanese SR400 custom,

I think Japanese custom makes it lower with short suspension.

But SR500 out side of Japan is not lowered..

YAMAHA released SR400FI 2012 model in JAPAN.
New color is white and black.
And Magazine "Sound of SR vol.3" was released.
You can get latest information about SR400FI parts and custom. If you want to buy this magazine,let me know.
You might think SR400FI difficult to customize.
That is correct. But no worry about it. Parts manufacturers already developed and selling.
Please see below SR400FI customized. How cool!

Royal Enfield Cafe racer tank for SR made by Brooklands
Upper tank sold about 20years ago by Brooklands. But it is obsolete,no longer available.
I found similar tank,Lower. Which is Triumph Slippery Sum tank. But it is not same as Royal Enfield cafe racer tank.
If I got it,I have to watch used tank on Yahoo auction. But good condition tank get higher price.  Uhmmm... 
Yokohama HOT ROD SHOW was held on Dec.4th


“SR file 7” has come




This “SR file 7” is a hard cover of TAC since YAMAHA released fuel injection SR.

TAC SR file is regarded as a maintenance bible among SR owners ,but it is expensive.


This 7 the issue introduces mainly parts related fuel injection, so it worth buying for Japanese SR400FI owners.

This SR file 7 also introduces latest shop demonstration SR400/SR500. I found STINKY’s new bikes on some pages.


If you interested in, please contact me.   







I encountered cool 1988 SR400.
I talked with owner,who said It was customized by private builder and had to give up bending seat frame as it was too expensive.
And he said "Why do not you buy this SR400? I will cost much to pass regal inspection." 
I think that it is necessary to replace a lot of parts to pass regal inspection so it cost much.
Anyway,this SR400 is definitely cool.  Steps changed to forward control.  Short suspension made it lower. 
Fuel tank is no paint,it painted transparent paint only. Tires are Firestone tires. 
Note: Front suspension also seems to be modified lower.