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Zeal XX Blue is a Zeal owner in Japan. He keeps the Zeal community  alive in Japan with his popular blogs and discussion forums. A great deal of gratitude goes out to this gentleman for his many contributions.

Personal website: http://www5f.biglobe.ne.jp/~urourouro/zeal.htm
Extensive Information: http://www5f.biglobe.ne.jp/~urourouro/2/tenpur.htm
BBS: http://9011.teacup.com/zealxxblue/bbs

Provides accurate background information regarding the Yamaha Zeal in addition to informative maintenance facts.

Some of the information which is on Zealous was initially discovered on Zeal's Station. Excellent resource so many thanks to the site owner.

Specifications, information and images.

Customising and maintenance info.

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FZR250.com "The Premium FZR250 Website" This website is devoted to the FZR250. Zeal engine very similar if not the same as the FZR250.  Link 
Netrider - "Connecting Riders" "Netrider is about connecting Australian motorcycle and motorbike riders. It's a body of riders, for riders and has an open membership policy." Excellent resource for assistance in diagnosing bike problems. Link 
2fiftycc.com - "Motorcycle site for 250cc bikes and riders" Excellent website dedicated to Australian 250cc riders. It's a new site but I can see this one growing very rapidly. This site features forums where individuals can discuss 250cc bike tech, maintenance, meets and much more.  Link 
Yamaha-Motor Owner's Manual Library File server for Owner's Manuals.  Link 
Slipstream Performance Australia Online motorcycle parts store stocking many parts compatible with the Zeal including oil filters, sprockets, chains, spark plugs, nuts & bolts, indicators, mirrors and lots more.  Link 
Yamaha-Motor.co.jp Parts Catalogue [Japanese] This is the site where Yamaha-Motor offers owners access to parts diagrams. The site is in Japanese but simply click the 1990~ Bikes Scooters tab, then the silver tab toward the bottom and use the middle drop downs to select your model. Link 
PowerSportsPluis Zeal replacement parts, positive feedback Link 
Webike Japan - Motorcycle Parts Store Motorcycle parts store located in Japan. Offers various parts for the Zeal. They also ship to Australia. Link 
jp-parts.com Purchased from this company, they offer hard to find parts at reasonable prices. Shipped from Japan to AUS for around $30.00 EMS. Use the quotation form on the site to gain prices for parts. Link 
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