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Call 000 to report a fire

Call 1300 657 209 for information about a fire
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Abbey Farm Rd West
Biddle Road
Blue Orchid
Brook Bridgewater
Canal Rocks
Caves Road South
Caves Road North
Caves Road (Windows Winery)
Coley Road
The Dell
Glover Rd North
Glover Road West
Green Park
Hayley Close
Hayes Road
Kangaroo Parade
McLachlan Ridge
Porter Place
Sonnig Loop

Wildwood East (Yallingup Siding)
Wittle Rd
Winter Retreat


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Yallingup Bush Fire Ready is run by members of the Yallingup Rural Bush Fire Brigade.  We want our community to prepare themselves and their properties for bush fires.  

Fire Facts about Yallingup

Yallingup is an area of high fire risk with two volunteer bush fire brigades - Yallingup Rural and Yallingup Coastal.

The Yallingup Rural Brigade (YRBFB) has a station on Caves Rd south of Wyadup Rd and a shed on Thornton Rd.  The Yallingup Coastal Brigade has a station at Yallingup beach. The City Busselton provides our vehicles (called appliances) and equipment.  Dunsborough has a volunteer Fire and Rescue Brigade and a bush fire brigade. All crew members are volunteers with jobs, families and better things to do than fight fires.

The Bush Fire Brigades have white trucks and are trained and equipped to suppress bush fires and protect people, property and livestock. The Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade with red trucks is trained and equipped to combat house and building fires, contain hazardous material spills and to rescue people involved in road crashes and other dangerous situations.  The Dunsborough Fire & Rescue Brigade and other Bush Fire Brigades support each other and work with other agencies in emergency situations such as sea rescues, missing people and natural disasters. 

In this area and all of rural Australia fire fighters are VOLUNTEERS, we do not get paid and volunteer our time for training, maintaining our equipment and fighting fires. Volunteers leave jobs, businesses and family to attend fires. When a major fire occurs in other areas we send crews and equipment to support them. When your home and community is threatened volunteers from other brigades and DFES staff will come to Yallingup.

Keep in mind that when a FIRE threatens your property volunteers receive an SMS to advise them  to attend. They could be in the dentist, up a tree or out surfing. 

In the event of a major FIRE you cannot expect a fire truck and crew to be there to protect you life and property

Be Bush Fire Ready

Prepare your self and your property
Do not start bush fires
Know and take seriously your legal responsibilities in regard to fire. This information is in the pamphlet posted to all properties by the City of Busselton.
  • If you live in a high fire risk area like Yallingup you must be aware of the risks and ready to respond. PREPARE now, ACT quickly when a fire threatens and SURVIVE. 
  • Decide now how you will ACT  in all situations. Roads may be cut off by fire, , cars don't start or you may feel panic and fear as the fire approaches. DFES has excellent resources to help you PREPARE and to decide how you will ACT in a fire. Start with the BUSHFIRE MENU on the FESA website DFES Bushfire Information  Before considering defending your home read this Guide to help decide 

  • Be a responsible community member and report fires (and burning off when it is not permitted). No one wants to upset their neighbours but it might be your house that burns.

  • CALL 000 for ALL fires, never assume a fire has been reported by someone else.

  • Join or start a Bush Fire Ready Group - find out more here DFES information on Bushfire Ready

        Email Yallingup Bush Fire Ready

        Yallingup Rural Bush Fire Brigade Members at the 2009 Community Expo

Fire Control Officers for Yallingup are:

Yallingup Rural     David Hunt       0438 223 207
Yallingup Siding    Mark Fisher      0407 989 603
Yallingup Siding    Mark Standish   0417 977 192
Yallingup Coastal  Paul Blight        0427 533 275

For a list of contractors who can help you with hazard reduction work see the Shire Website