Islam Basics
This day I've perfected for you your religion & completed My favor on you and chosen Islam as your religion. Al-Maeda (5):3



The word islām is derived from the Arabic verb S-L-M, which means to accept, surrender, or submit. Thus, Islām means submission, obedience to and acceptance of God willingly in sincerity, and believers must demonstrate this by worshiping God, following his commands, and avoiding polytheism and all its forms. In result of this submission (i.e. Islam) the Muslim (i.e. one who does Islām-Submit) will find peace and harmony in this short and temporary world whether in calamity or in the time of ease and be rewarded in the real world which is the afterlife. The recognition of the power and knowledge of Allah() and purpose behind creation, longing to please and return back to the Almighty Creator, Muslim find self in accordance with divine decree and develops a heart full of thankfulness, happiness, justified hope of the reality of afterlife, and strives to serve the All Merciful which in return finds satisfaction and a purified, humbled heart.

Islām in its noun form means the Deen (way, path, religion) set by the Almighty Allah(), perfected and codified in the uncorrupted scripture Qur'an and complemented by the recorded traditions of The Prophet Muhammad () . This "Straight Path" is a complete way of life. It answers to the needs of all people in the best form. It is the "instruction manual" of "CREATION" written by the "CREATOR." Thus, it is perfect and comprehensive. It provides for practical and sensible laws yet is designed for remembrance of the Divine and by that feeding the spirituality of mankind with the best of fuels to attain a complete human being who is both vary of this world and the Divine, and whom does everything for the sake of the "Perfect One", whom loves for the sake of the "Holy One", whom remembers Allah() and humbles self in recognition of the Power, Mercy, Beauty, Perfectness, Knowledge of the Most Loving, Life Giver, Allah()

Islam isn't named after any person. (i.e. Juda, Christ, Buddha, Hindu) It is the state mankind is born into (Pure, Sinless, Full Submission to Allah's will) and mankind has choice to later accept of reject this state of perfect order.

Some Question and Answers

Q: Do we need Salvation? If so Why?

A: We're born sinless, in Islam(Submission to Allah's Will). Then our environment and parents may corrupt our religion/way of life. We may give in to our desires and follow incorrect beliefs and do unlawful things that God does NOT like. We're capable of doing these things because Allah does not force us to obey.

Q: Who can grant salvation?

A: Allah alone. The Creator of all things. Mankind (i.e. Prophets, spiritual leaders) does not have the authority or power.

Q: How can we have Salvation?

A: By sincere repentance to Allah and not doing it again, If Allah wills, sin will be forgiven. Repentance needs to be done without the need for an interpreter or 3rd party. Directly to Allah. No One Can Bear the sin of another. That would be unfair and Allah is always FAIR.

Q: Does Allah love everything?

A: Allah is the source of love and mercy and forgiveness. It's one of the beautiful 99 Names we know our God by. But Allah DOES NOT LOVE everything. Allah DOES NOT love murderers, Allah DOES NOT love rapists, Allah DOES NOT love adulterers, Allah DOES NOT love Satan, Worst of which, Allah DOES NOT love who believes in other deities besides Allah or ascribe man-like attributes and limitations. (i.e. Wife, Son, Daughter, Progression, height, width, hunger, fatigue, gender etc.
These are against Islam, the religion of Adam, Noah, David, Jacob, Joseph, Solomon, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (pbua) Yet Allah allowed them, even Satan (Shaytan) to exist for a bigger purpose, even though Allah has the power to cease Shaytan's existence, and make everyone believe in him and his unity, Allah does not force us. Allah has absolute power over everything, and does what he WILLS to do.
Allah (swt) can see the big picture while we have a limited vision, and limited thought. What may seem ugly and bad may easily have a role in the greater good that only Allah knows about. (i.e. Test us and our faith, Teach us lesson:s, Strengthen our hearths. And many we may not know)

Q: What about Jesus?

A: Peace be upon him, We Muslims Love Jesus with all of our hearts. We make no distinction between prophets. They all taught One religion, One Way, One God.
IN THE BIBLE which supports the QUR'AN...
Jesus NEVER claimed to be a GOD (He claimed to be Son of man, Son of Mary),
Jesus NEVER claimed to be a Deity (nor literal SON or God-like),
Jesus NEVER claimed POWER and MIGHT, (Did everything he did by the will and power of Allah, did nothing of his own John 5:30 etc.)
Jesus NEVER supported Burnt Offerings (Matt 9:10-15, Hosea 6:6),
Jesus NEVER agreed with Crucifixion (Deut 21:23, Ezekiel 18:20-22, Psalms 22:1 - in Syriac Aramaic see. Aramaic Lexicon for God
Jesus NEVER even claimed to be good because only true GOOD is Allah (Matt 19:16-17)
It takes more than 3 hours to die on a cross. Cross mates were alive when Jesus was brought down according to the BIBLE. That's even if it was Jesus that was on the cross and not someone else that looked like him (Thomas -Biblical meaning: look-alike, twin- Iscariot? MAYBE.)
God is the best of schemers, we do not know for sure how Jesus was saved.
Jesus said spirits don't eat and ate fish after the alleged murder (Luke:36-43, Hebrews 9:27) Was Jesus trying to Say something?

Qur'an Says: Al-Nisa(4):156-159, Al-Imran(3):54, Al-Imran(3):185, Al-Isra(17):81, Ma'idah(5):72, Ma'idah(5):116-117, Al-Anam(6):84-85

Verily, deeds are rewarded by intention. And everyone will have the reward for that which he has intended.

Muhammad () - Sahih Al-Bukhari Vol. 1 #1

Do they think that they will be left alone on saying, We believe and that they will not be tested?
For sure we will test them as we have tested those who came before them,
to show (them) the truthful of the honest and the liars in their falsehood.


This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favor on you
and chosen for you Islam as your religion (way, way of life).