Mission Statement

The Yale Wushu team (i.e. officially registered as "Wushu and Chinese Kung-Fu") seeks to better its members in practice; by gaining focus and self-control through intense training, members hope to achieve a self-mastery that will translate into respect and compassion for others, both inside and outside of the training hall.

Yale Wushu also seeks to better its community. The Yale Wushu team has been blessed by many opportunities to spread the message of peace and nonviolence that lies at the center of the word “wushu.” Our classmates at Yale will go on to be leaders in their respective fields; it is our hope that during our time here we succeed in spreading this message of peace to them. We are also trying to spread this message to the city of New Haven.

The Yale Wushu team is honored to be in high demand for a variety of different performances. Last year we were fortunate to have had a wide variety of performances that ranged from performances for local adopted children, to stuntwork in a movie, to performances for cultural and recruiting events at Yale, to performing for an audience of over 1,000 people on Long Island for Chinese New Year.