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In response to Ray Comfort's Origin Into Schools Project -- an attempt to promote Creationist doctrine by slandering Darwin's On the Origin of Species -- the Secular Student Alliance at Yale plans to set up shop next to our Creationist visitors and promote our own illogical doctrine: the theory that babies are brought by the stork. Through satire, we send a clear message to Ray Comfort's representatives that views based on a combination of faith and a distorted perception of science are not worth taking seriously. At the same time, we adopt a mood and message that direct response doesn't allow. In light-heartedly mirroring their logic and demonstrating the ridiculous ends to which it can be employed, we avoid explicit antagonism and stand a better chance of getting through to the Creationists themselves. Ultimately, we'd like to push them to frame their position more honestly -- as a decision to value faith over sound scientific theory -- but if we're unable to accomplish that, we'll at least add some much needed laughter to campus during this stressful week. May the stork be with you!

Nov 17, 2009, 7:24 PM