Through this web page we offer documents designed to help Yale alumni determine the value to the University of Michael Horowitz' election as Alumni Fellow in the coming, 2011 election. 

Of greatest importance, we attach the letter setting out our case for Horowitz' election, and we invite you to read and consider it.

If you share our view that Mike will add strength and fresh perspectives to Yale's governance, we ask that you submit the following, simple statement posted below to:

This email address has been designated specifically for this purpose by the Yale Secretary's Office.  Please be sure to copy & paste the text into your email program and then enter your name, school, and class year as shown below.


I am writing to support the Alumni Fellow petition candidacy of Michael Horowitz.


School & Class Year


To succeed in placing Mike on the 2011 ballot, we will need nominating petitions to be sent by 3808 alumni who have held BA or BS degrees for five years or more and all graduate school alumni.  Critically however, the petitions will need to be submitted no later than October 1 -- less than two weeks from the launch of our effort.  

The lateness of the hour notwithstanding, we are confident that Mike can qualify for the 2011 elections.  This will happen if interested alumni take the simple step here described  -- and ask classmates and other Yale alumni to join them in this effort.

Richard Brookhiser - Yale College 1977
William W. Chip - Yale College 1971
Andrew P. Clark - GSAS 2009
Seth J. Corey - Yale College 1978
Eleanor Gaetan - Yale College 1982
Todd Hartch - Yale College 1989, Ph.D 2000
John Miller - Yale Law & GSE, 1963
Grover J. Rees - Yale College 1972
Michael Rubin - Yale College 1994, Ph.D 1999
Michael W. Steinberg  - Yale College 1974
Diana West - Yale College 1983