Welcome to BookMarks!

BookMarks 2011-12!

BookMarks is a literary enhancement program for elementary school students that pairs Yale undergrads one-one-one with John C. Daniels 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. We meet once a week on Wednesday from 4-6 PM at John C. Daniels, and transportation is provided to and from the school.

Why are we different from other service groups?
  1. One-on-one
    We pair Yale Students (Bigs) with John C. Daniels students (Littles) one-on-one.
  2. Bonding!
    Bigs work with the same Little every single week throughout the school year, fostering friendship and cementing an unbeatable mentor-mentee bond. 
  3. Mentoring, not tutoring
    This is an optional, supplementary reading enhancement program, not a homework help session! The Littles are just as excited as you to be at BookMarks.
Teachers have nominated these students because they will enjoy the program, which provides them an outlet to read for pleasure after school.  Big and Little pairs choose the books they read throughout the semester and share in the adventures and fun of reading together!

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