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Yaki is an implementation of the classic dice game Yacht, as well as an alternate version named Kazem, which uses colored dice.

Yaki is designed for PDAs and other portable systems that have at least a 640x480 display. Currently it runs on Sharp Zaurus, but it is designed for portability, so other ports should be available soon.


  • 1-4 Players, which can be human or computer
  • 2 games in one
  • 3 Levels of AI
  • Choose avatar
  • Accepts several input methods (mouse,touchscreen, keyboard, touchpad) for PDA convenience.
  • As of Version 1.5, new Widescreen mode with more information (widescreen now enabled by default, but can be disabled for older monitors)



Asus EEE optimized (Linux) mb NEW!

Linux (Source) mb

Windows: 1.5.0 1.5 mb

Zaurus ipkg: mb

Development Hosted at:

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