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8-AUG-2008 - Windows version 1.2.1 now available

30-JUL-2008 - Linux Version 1.2.0 now available.  Other ports to follow


30-JUL-2008 - New version, 1.2.0!   Widescreen monitor support, new wordlist widget,  greatly reduced CPU usage (may help save battery on laptops)


11-DEC-2007 - Linux version 1.1.1 now available!


10-DEC-2007 - Zaurus version 1.1.1 now available


12-NOV-2007 - New version 1.1.1!   Now you can save your scores to a server on the Internet and compare your score against others!  Also includes new animations and bug fixes 




 WordWorx is a word game, inspired by the Wordsmith game included on Tivo DVRs.



The objective is to create words from the 12x7 pile of letters and
maximize your score.


Words must be a minimum of three letters and a maximum of twelve.

The words are scored by totalling up the value of the letters and multiplying
it by the number of letters.

Letter values an frequency are exactly the same as the board game
Scrabble(TM).   However, note that not all the letters will be present in the pile.  (84 in WordWorx vs 100 in Scrabble(TM)).    Also there are no blanks. 






 WordWorx for Windows - Version 1.2.1


WordWorx for Sharp Zaurus - Version 1.1.1

WordWorx for Linux - Version 1.2.0.   This is a binary distribution that extracts to /usr/games/wordworx.   Should run on all modern Linux installations.   Needs curl or libcurl, libz  and SDL.

libcurl_7.16.4_arm.ipk - needed for internet score feature on Zaurus WordWorx version 1.1.1 and later.