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  • GameWorx
  • SDL/Allegro
  • ISOEng
  • EmuFe 
  • GameWorx  GameWorx is a platform used as a starting point for developing our games.   It is a set of code and libraries that handle the basic framework, hi-scores, graphic initialization, dialogs, text display, etc.   Basically as much of the mundane stuff that we don't want to reinvent each time we do a new game.     GameWorx was derived from WordWorx.   YaKi was not built on GameWorx, but much of GameWorx was later back-ported to Yaki. 
  • SDL/Allegro SDL and Allegro are two popular graphical development toolkits.   Originally, we did our development using Allegro, but SDL was available on some platforms that Allegro wasn't.  In addition, SDL doesn't do everything that Allegro can without additional libraries.    SDL/Allegro is the solution we came up with that allows us to write code using the Allegro API but optionally compile to SDL.   It can also be used by SDL programs to extend the power of SDL.
  • ISOEng ISOeng is a graphics engine to display and manipulate ISO pespective worlds.   Although it has been around for awhile, it has not shown up in any UTH games yet.   It is scheduled to make its debut in the yet to be announced GAME4.