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We are a small game developer, whose aim is to develop games for portables like the ASUS EEE, Nokia N-series and the Sharp Zaurus.   Our games are also available for Desktop Linux and Windows systems.


15-Aug-2008 Source code for YaKi 1.5.0 released

14-Aug-2008 New vesion of YaKi released, 1.5.0!  This release features a new widescreen mode, reduced CPU usage among other things.   Windows package available now,  versions for other platforms will follow shortly.

8-Aug-2008 New version of WordWorx released, 1.2.1

 30-Jul-2008 New version of WordWorx, 1.2.0, released.  Several new features and bugfixes

18-Mar-2008 Balloon Lander made available!!

10-Dec-2007 binary packages for WordWorx 1.1.1 for Desktop Linux and Zaurus now available.

12-Nov-2007 WordWorx updated to version 1.1.1,  new feature:  Internet high score table, compare your scores with others.

11-Jun-2007  YaKi Zaurus ipkg now online,  New version of WordWorx for Zaurus added (1.0.5).

 08-Jun-2007  YaKi released for Windows.   Versions for Zaurus and Linux desktop will follow

 06-Jun-2007 Initial public release of WordWorx.    1.04 available for Zaurus and Windows