Ballooner Lander

A Game For Linux, Windows and Zaurus 


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30-July-2008 - Desktop Linux  version now available,  tar file, should work on modern versions of Linux (tested on Fedora),  extract to /usr/games or wherever you chose (relocatable)

18-March-2008 - First public release!



 Ballooner Lander is a game where you try to land a hot air balloon at specific landing zones, battling wind,  avoiding rocks, water, trees and other obsticles.   Oh, and do it without running out of fuel.   Good luck!


Use the 1 and 2 key to fire the burner,  1 is half power, 2 is full power.   You can also lower a sandbag (used for anchoring, or dropped to reduce weight) with the 'D' key.  It can be raised with the 'R' key.     

Landing pads are clearly marked on the ground, and each level has three possible landing sites.


 Ballooner Lander for Windows - Version 1.0.0b (5Mb)

Ballooner Lander for Zaurus ipkg - Version 1.0.0 (7Mb)

Ballooner Lander for Linux  - Version 1.0.0  (6Mb)