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Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Auctions, Cost Allocation, 



  • G. Kivetz, Y. Tauman "Simple Collusive Aggreements in One-Shot First Price Auctions", Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming.  PDF 
  • G. Stamatopoulos, Y. Tauman "Licensing of a Quality Improvement Innovation", Mathematical Social Sciences, forthcoming. PDF
  • Y. Tauman, A. Zapechelnyuk "Bargaining with a Property Rights Owner", Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming. PDF 
  • A. Sengupta, Y. Tauman "Inducing Efficiency in Oligopolistic Markets with Increasing Returns to Scale" 2004.  PDF 
  • Y. Tauman, A. Zapechelnyuk "Should a Solution be Aggregate Monotone?" 2005. PDF 
  • E. Carceles, Y. Tauman "A Strategic Analysis of the War against Terror" 2008.  PDF
  • D. Biran, Y. Tauman “The Role of Intelligence in Nuclear Deterrence” 2008.  PDF
  • A. Jelnov, Y. Yauman "The Private Value of a Patent: A Cooperative Approach, 2007. (revised)  PDF