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The El of a region

If indeed each El is assigned a boundary, and as each people group (family) belonged to that region, the El of that land was also the El of that family.

It is interesting to note the Yahweh, the El of the Hebrews and the land of the Hebrews, never interferes with the El or people of another region. In fact, Abraham (a Hebrew) is residing in a land outside of the land of the Hebrews and Yahweh has him come to the land of the Hebrews. In addition, Yahweh does not go to Egypt to meet with the Hebrews there, but instead sends Moses to them to bring them back into the land of the Hebrews.

While Yahweh condemns the practices of the people of other nations, he only forbids the Hebrews from doing these practices, but never goes to these other people to condemn them. We can only speculate from the evidence that those people are under the authority of another El and Yahweh has no business interfering with them.