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The Council of El

God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods. (Ps 82:1, KJV)

While the above translation is pretty accurate to the Hebrew, let's insert the different Hebrew words for “God,” “mighty” and “gods,” in order clear up any confusion as to what gods this verse is speaking of.

Elohim stands in the congregation [or council] of El, he judges among the Elohim.

The first use of the word Elohim is being used in a singular sense as the verb "stands" identifies the subject of the verb, which is this Elohim, as singular-“he stands.” The second use of Elohim is being used in the plural as the first Elohim is judging "among" them.

The council of El is composed of the Elohim (singular) and the Elohim (plural). Who are the Elohim (plural)? Obviously they are the sons of El, who are in other places referred to as the Elim.