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About Tsav 8 2011

TSAV 8 to BCN       I      Empowering the Israeli Telecom. As people. As Business.

February 6, 2011        I     IBM Building,    94 Em Hamoshavot Rd., Kiryat Arie, Petach-Tikva

The third annual TSAV 8 to BCN conference will bring together executives from the Israeli telecom sector and it's ecosystem, in Israel and abroad, with the aim to provide an efficient, relevant toolkit addressing three main challenges: business, branding communication and diplomacy.

   TSAV 8 to BCN has been accredited by the prime ministers’ chamber for bringing an  

    innovative marketing perception of the needs of the Israeli Hi Tech industry 2010. 


"Tsav 8 to BCN" had started as a personal initiative of Rami Kalish and Yael Shany, and has become a joint effort of leading people and companies from the hi-tech industry and other fields in the ecosystem.  People, companies and organizations are joining forces for the purpose of empowering the Israeli Telecom in the global arena.  We aim to provide a platform of a relevant, efficient, balanced toolkit addressing business, branding communication and diplomacy challenges, based on mutual values of our hi-tech culture (innovation, openness, entrepreneurship, togetherness).

Speakers at the conference are representing key players in the ecosystem, from Israel, and abroad. 

This integrated perspective is key to our success. As people.  As Business.  

You are welcome to come to the conference, join forces, and form together an empowering communication toolkit, to a successful business trip at MWC for all of us.


Participation in the conference is free, but requires registration at the site and confirmation which will be sent b email.