Web development

I am a web user interface developer. I have developed sites for charities, university departments, and small businesses using a variety of tools. 

I will focus on making your site easy to use and attractive to look at. I will also make sure that you are able to maintain your site after handover.

I can also integrate your site with Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Flickr, so that your services are advertised effectively on social media - which is where many people look these days.

Web sites

I specialise in database-driven websites, but I also build easy-to-maintain static websites.

I have developed sites  in XML, XSLT, XSL:FO, HTML, CSS, PHP, ColdFusion and SQL (both MySQL and Oracle). I have  in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of development tools, including XMLSpy, ColdFusion, and Dreamweaver. 

Usability and accessibility
I have been studying and implementing user experience (usability and accessibility principles) for the last seven or eight years. 
  • attended Usability, Information Architecture and User Testing courses; 
  • used TechSmith Morae usability testing suite; 
  • devised and carried out usability tests, content audits, and card-sorting exercises;
  • developed personas to represent users; 
  • used Axure, Jumpchart, PowerPoint and Dreamweaver for rapid prototyping; 
  • created sitemaps and wireframes for both transactional and content-rich websites;
  • designed user interfaces for several web applications and new modules for OpenCms;
  • produced a wide range of teaching and training materials in relation to software and IT concepts. 
Please contact me for details of charges.