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Advanced Explorer for WP7

Hello Everyone,

I'm are happy to announce that I wrote a Windows Phone 7 app for the following Tasks:
- File Explorer for Wp7
- Registry Editor for Wp7
- Copy files from desktop to phone
- Copy files from phone to desktop
- Set max unsigned apps
- Provision any Xml
- Localized for German/France/Spain/English/Italy

If you post in the XDA thread how any of those features could be implemented on other devices, I will maybe implement them.
Or just start a Discussion on Codeplex! Or contact me!


1. Extract the
2. Install the xap file (sideload it... If you have your phone developer-registered use the "Application Deployment" tool, or use the ChevronWP7 unlocker:
3. You can double tab any file and it should open from any folder.
4. Phone <-> Desktop Feature:
4.a Connect your device (let Zune start) and start the "FileExplorerServiceHost.exe" (will most likely need administrator rights).
4.b Choose one of the following (get your ip address)
    - Open up a command prompt (enter "cmd" in start menu) insert "ipconfig" and search for your ip address
    - Open network and sharing center click on your current connection and then details you will see the ip address there
4.c Open Advanced Explorer and set the "Host-Address" option in settings to your ip
4.d Make sure you make the keyboard disappear and save the settings with the save button!
4. Desktop -> Phone: Slide to the remote tab. After refresh you should see the files in the "UploadRoot" folder on your pc near the "FileExplorerServiceHost.exe"-file.
4. Phone -> Desktop: Select any file and click send. Your file should appear in the DownloadRoot folder (in the right subfolder). If it does not you have no access to this file or it is opened by Windows.

Share your feedback / errors at:

If you get "Can not delete Temp dir" Errors after some usage:
There are some files which Advanced Explorer can copy but not delete and one of them is now in the Temp folder, this is no critical error but it indicates that there are some files spoiling your free space. To delete those files just reinstall Advanced Explorer.
2. In order to boost up the File system browsing there is a filter function (the search symbol) if you enter "a*" only files/folders starting with "a" will be shown

We included the source code, so that anybody can modify it at will but do not use anything here for commercial purposes (contact us first).

XDA Thread:


Before you download:
Do not make the downloaded files accessible yourself!
Only point to the current site  ( this ensures everybody has the latest version and knows where to search for the latest version!

You can support me by donating via Paypal:

I appreciate every donation! Thank you!

Find the Sourcecode at:

Want to help? Just contact me!

Change Notes:

You find all releases on Codeplex.