Teaching Alabama Moon

Although the novel is Key's first, it certainly has emblematic themes of YA survivalist and adventure tales. It would work best in a middle school language arts or reading curriculum, but offers many resources for activities that are interdisciplinary. 

Watt Key's webpage has a bevy of information for teaching resources for this text. He has summaries of every chapter, a booktalk, discussion questions, essay prompts, research opportunities, quizzes, and many different literature circle lessons. These can be found here:

An example of some research opportunities:

Research opportunities for Alabama Moon


Assignment:  Research one or more of the following topics to aide in your understanding of the novel.  Present your findings to the class. A visual such as a power point or poster should also be presented.


  • Research the Vietnam War and the sociological and psychological affects it had on the lives of soldiers and their families.
  • Research the economic condition of Alabama during the early 1980’s when the novel is set.
  • Research edible plants that grow in the wild.  For example, honeysuckle.
  • Research feral children.
Research the towns, rivers, and places the novel mentions

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