Adventuring Guild Enrollment Form


3 7 6  

6 18 HP
2 FP
4 B

5 9 5  


Nomen:   Bari Q. Drastel
Forma:   Algerian hedgehog, male, cinnacot, 5'7"
Anni:   Three and twenty
Locus:   Journeyman Bookbinder

Born to a family of craftspeople, Bari was given every opportunity to make of his talents what he willed.  While it was not in their original hopes, Bari's parents appreciated his fascination with books and the construction thereof, supplying to him ample materials and encouragement.  Yet being apprenticed out of town, he was afforded little time with his own relations.  In the quiet bindery studio, he found what he took as companionship from the impartial books he handled so fondly.  Bari blossomed into a gifted scholar and autodidact: teaching himself astronomy, trigonometry and Latin, absorbing dozens of historical and religious texts with the ardor of a clandestine monk.  Inevitably, his all but bibliolatrous propensities led him into even stranger and more potent fields of knowledge…

Manuoperationes Specialia

  1. Corroboramur—focus all available energies toward the assistance of one's friends.
    (+1 ATT and DEF to allies for up to 3 turns without attacking)
  2. Curareris—make a reverent petition for restorative aid from the heavens.
    (heal for the higher of two of target's VIT rolls)
  3. Cinctum—artificially enhance quills at an opportune moment.
    (roll twice as many defense dice)


  • Ocreatus—reinforced armor in key locations to prevent severe injury.
    (roll 2d3 instead of 1d7 for defense)
  • Medicina—directed training in healing magicks for use on the battlefield.
    (heal for half as attack or at +2 as special)
  • Hyperacuitas—undivided attention toward only those things that deserve it.
    (+2 PER for an active check, -2 PER for passive)