Research Highlight
Nanotwin in Al

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Nanotwins in Ag, Cu, stainless steel
Nanotwins in Cu/Ni, Cu/Fe, Ag/Ni

SFT removed by twins  
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In situ radiation in nc Ni
In situ radiation in Ag/Ni

NiMnCoIn thin film 

2. Strengthening in Nanolayers
Cu/Co nanolayers
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FCC/BCC: Cu/Fe; Cu/V; Al/Nb
FCC/FCC: Cu/Ni; Ag/Al; Ag/Ni

Work hardening in nc Ni 

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Nanotwinned Cu, 
Al/Nb multilayer
Ceramics:YBCO, AZO 

nc tri-phase Co-Cu-Ag

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Radiation tolerance of ufg FeCrNi 

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Grain size effect: 
UFG FeCrNi; Nanocrystalline Fe
Layer interface effect: 
Cu/V, Cu/Mo, Ag/Ni, Al/Nb, Fe/W

Hydrogen sorption in metastable orthorhombic Mg hydride at < 100oC

Size effect on hydrogen sorption
Nanoporous and Mg nanopillars

9. ECAP of reactor steels
ODS steels, T91, stainless steels
9. ECAP of reactor steels