Open position

Open positions for Zhang’s nanometal research group at Purdue University

Those who have a strong interest and continuous curiosity in fundamental materials science are highly encouraged to apply. We prefer to recruit graduate students with the following background:

Solid background in materials science, materials physics or materials engineering
Certain research experience (from BS or MS studies)
Can communicate fluently in English
Ready to sustain challenges in learning difficult subjects
It is desirable but not mandatory if the student has some knowledge or experience with nanomanufacturing (such as thin film deposition, or fabrication of bulk nanostructured metallic materials), microstructure analysis (with TEM), and nanomechanical testing (nanoindentation, tension etc), and energy harvesting and storage materials etc. 

Our team focuses on 
1) radiation damage in nanostructured metallic materials; 
2) mechanical behavior of nanotwinned and nanocrystalline metals; 
3) magnetic shape memory alloy thin films; and 
4) hydrogen storage in nanostructured metals.

A majority of our former students are in academia, either at DOE national labs (Los Alamos, Sandia) or as a faculty at universities nationally or internationally (such as Peking University). Some of our students are at industry (Intel etc.). 

Opening for graduate students (2018)

Currently, we have several openings for graduate students in the area of mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline metals; radiation damage in metallic materials. Please send your CV and unofficial transcripts to Dr. Zhang directly (

Postdoc (no openings at this time)