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Xiangzhong Chen

Multi-Scale Robotics Lab

Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ)

CLA H11.1, Tannenstrasse 3, 8092 Zurich

Phone: +41-44-632 31 15

E-mail: Xiangzhong.chen@gmail.com, chenxian@ethz.ch



Ph. D., Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Nanjing University, 2013.06 Supervisor: Prof. Qun-Dong Shen

Visiting Student, Materials Research Institute, The Pennsylvania State University, 2011.10-2013.04 Host: Prof. Qiming Zhang

B. Eng., Polymer Materials and Engineering, Nanjing Forestry University, 2007.06

Honors and Awards

2011.01 Excellent Publication Award of Key Laboratory of Mesoscopic Chemistry of MOE

2010.12 Excellent Graduate Student of Nanjing University

2010.11 Best Poster Award of RSC-Unilever International symposium on Functional Materials Science

2010.09 Scientific Research Foundation of Graduate School of Nanjing University (RMB 120,000)

2006.12 The Outstanding student Scholarship in Nanjing Forestry University

2005.12 The Deer Scholarship in Nanjing Forestry University

2004.12 The Limeng Scholarship in Nanjing Forestry University

2004-2006 Triple A Student Award of Nanjing Forestry University (3 times)