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Other Resources
  • Visual Computing Research Group @ NTU
  • Homepage of our group. You can find our recent activities as well as all the information of the members, publications, research projects and other resources.
  • Datasets and Codes for Domain Adaptation
  • There're some commonly used datasets for video event recognition and object classification as well as the source codes of the state of the art methods.

中文资料 (Resource in Chinese)
  • 计算机视觉 博客
  • cvchina, 有关计算机视觉和增强现实的技术和应用的一个博客,很不错,不定期更新。
  • 机器学习课程
  • 由余凯和张潼主讲的机器学习课程。参加课程后,可以查看所有章节。
  • 机器学习研究和应用 近期热点集锦
  • 内含会议信息,会议总结,讲座信息,名师介绍,算法讨论,招聘信息,商业应用等, 主要是从国内若干个机器学习领军人物的微博上收集。