Xylitol Production Process

 1, How is it processed?
Disolve xylose in Water
Hydrogenization by pressure adding Hydrogen into xylose solution for a while
Purify the Hygrogenized xylose solution (XYLITOL solution) by number of runs of Ion-exchang Columns
Purification by further filtration
Crystalization of xylitol from the purified solution
Remove the excess moisture by centrifugation of the crystalized xylitol.
Remove the moinsture by further drying
Mesh selection by different mesh size
2. What is the starting material and where does it come from?
Starting material is pure xylose
Xylose comes from two sources, Corn cobs and paper mill left over (HEMICELLULOSE SOLUTION after cellulose being separated and used for paper production).
3. What solvents are used in the process?
The solent is used is low concentration of sulfic acid in order to break down the hemicellulose and produce the 5 carbon-sugar, xylose.
4. How is it purified?
After adding low concentration of sulfic acid, high pressure, and high temperature, the hemicellulose is broken down to xylose.
decolor xylose mixture by number of runs of active carbon columns and number of runs of Ion-exchange columns
Purify decolored xylose mixture by further running several Ion-exchange columns
Crystalization of xylose from the mixture.