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The Haunted Mansion Shadowbox owned by my better half. She recently started a small collection of Haunted Mansion items, this being the most recent acquisition. It's an incredible piece done by Dave Avanzino.

Retail $128

The infamous Hatbox Ghost Big Figure or "Big Fig" as known to collectors is another item she has added, and was fortunate to get the very last one available at any of the Parks. It was a display piece, and she was very lucky to be able to get this piece. We checked with the park on a weekly basis to see if any more shipments came in for about 2 months. Needless to say she owns the last one.
*The elusive Hatbox ghost was rumored at one time only to exist until a few years ago. It was located in the attraction in the attic area for only two weeks. Apparently the illusion didn't work to the standards of the imagineers, so it was removed and forgotten about until the late 1990s. Tony Baxter, a longtime Imagineer said he wouldn't be suprised if its currently burried in the Disney warehouse amongst the archives somewhere.

Retail price $175

Left is the Haunted Mansion Tombstone Featuring Ezra. Released 2006, bought in 2007.
"R.I.P. Cousin Huet, We all know you didn't do it!"
There were 2 Tombstones made including the hitch hiking ghost known as Phineas.

Retail $60

Right is the Haunted Mansion Bride. She has a light up base, glowing red heart(unfortunately it doesn't beat or blink) and lighted candle tip. This piece was purchased in 2007.

Paid $70
Retail $?

To the left is the Haunted Mansion Big Fig made in 2004. It lights up and if you press down on the tombstones, it makes different sounds. This was a gift I gave to her. This thing is big and heavy.

Retail $225

To the right is a jumbo pin(and I'm not a big fan of pins or collecting them)But I made the exception since it was done by Shag. This is a jumbo pin at close to 3 inches wide by tall.

Retail $25

I also own the Tiki Drummer. This highly sought after collectible lamp was made from the original molds that the attraction used to create the animatronic tiki drummers inside the Enchanted Tiki Room. It stands over 2 feet tall and was a limited edition.

Retail $175

I have to say, Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily really kicked ass with all of the merchandise they were behind. That is Kevin pictured above. They are also responsible for many other collectibles including the Hatbox Ghost big fig and the Adventureland mug pictured below.

Adventureland mug with removeable top/lid.
Left is front view and below is back view.

Retail $32

Left is In honor of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary, sculptor Larry Nikolai was commissioned to created statues of the five lands at Disneyland. You are looking at the Adventurland piece featuring the Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room and Disney's character Goofy.

Retail $60

To the right and below is a Limited Edition Tiki Room Heirloom box done by Robert Olszewski.

Retail $65

On the left is the mini print/Limited Edition Serigraph image, the totem mug, and the fountain goblet mug by Artist Shag. I own all four items. One mini print, Serigraph #145/300, and one of each mug.

totem $32
goblet $35
Miniprint $15
Serigraph $375

Right is the Serigraph by Shag.
Made for the 40th Anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room, it is number 145 out of 300 made.

Left is a Larger sized miniprint. It is supposed to show the Haunted Mansion off to the right, but this image was used from the Original acrylic on canvas. The prints with the Haunted Mansion in right background sold for $35. I believe it celebrated New Orleans Square. Below is the correct print.

Retail $35

Although not produced by Disney, these knockoff statues came from Big Lots in 2006. An obvious ripoff of Pele and the Tiki Totems, Big Lots had a hard time keeping these in stock.
Totem statue $9.99
Pele statue $29.99

To the left are the Haunted Mansion Stretching Portraits. There are four in the Stretching room made by Marc Davis. I dont have the girl walking the tightrope over the hungry alligator. These are the only 3 I acquired before they stopped selling the full sized prints. These measure a whopping 16"W by 54"L.

Retail each $35

Your Trip to Disneyland

Walt Disney Productions

Mattel, Inc. Toymakers

(5) 7" 78RPM flexible records in envelope

Total Time: 9:32

Record sleeve opens up to reveal a panoramic illustration of Early Disneyland shown Left.

Retail NOW $90+


This fantastic Enchanted Tiki Room merchandise designed by Kevin Kidney & Jody Daily for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary is an illuminated figure (a.k.a. lamp) in the shape of Tangaroa, Father of the Gods. The lamp has 5 lights that turn on in 3 different modes. The lights are located inside the colored glass flowers and glow a very soft yellow. The figure and base are made out of a poly resin, and Tangaroa's kids hang from each of the flowers. They are made of metal. Sorry for poor picture quality...I will try to update soon.

The lamp retailed for $199








Disneylands Pirates of the Caribbean Event merchandise Saturday, May 20th 2000

Left is a Event Logo Pin (exclusive)
Limited Edition of 1967

Retail $18

Right is the Limited Edition CD.
Limited to 2500 copies and contains 28 original tracks from the attraction. It came with a mini booklet and was also signed by Imagineer Sam McKim. the CD purchase also came with a weathered looking scroll that opened up to reveal the theme score of "Yo Ho, YoHo, a Pirates Life For Me" written by X Atencio.(not shown)

Retail $35

Left is the cheapy Pin Button Jolly Roger with the event date
Limited Edition of 2500

Retail: a whopping $2

Right is a Black logo T-Shirt
Limited Edition of 500

Retail $25

Left is the Full sized Attraction Poster that is seen in the 2 Disneyland Entrance Hallways. Printed on heavy stock and Limited Edition of 200.

Retail $45


Lenticular Photographs entitled "Well Scene", "Singing Pirates", "Skeleton at Wheel" and "Burning City"
Limited Edition of 2500

Retail $12 each Lenticular

The FREEBIES for the attendees.

A Pirates of the Caribbean skeleton key with the event logo and date stamped on it. The key came in a Sam McKim designed box. (shown)

A button with the Pirates pledge.(shown)

Right a Special Event map done in the theme of the Event.

Items not shown are a Virtual Reality ride through DVD, a paper Pirate Hat, Sheet Music, Eye Patch, Chocolate Gold Dubloons, and a pastry that looked like an oversized poptart with the event logo screened in frosting on top.

Right is a 1994 Mattel Pirates of the Caribbean Captain 12" doll. This captain used to rule the Wicked Wench inside the ride. He has a strong resemblence to BlackBeard the Pirate.

Retail $35

Left is the "Masters of Malice" Disneyland exclusive Dolls made by Mattel. This Captain Hook doll is highly detailed and also a Limited Edition.

Retail $30

The 3 pictures to the right are of a Limited Edition Captain Hook Watch.
This came w/ Certificate of Authenticity that is HAND SIGNED by Marc Davis, who unfortunately passed away in Jan 2000.
This collectable Captain Hook and Tinkerbell watch was designed by Marc Davis, exclusively for the Disney Credit Card to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Peter Pan. It is one out of 500 certificates that are hand signed by Marc Davis himself. The Watch has a backglow when the button is pushed and Tinkerbell is brightly outlined.

Paid $30
Retail $?

Left are some Vintage Westwood/Westpak styled mugs I bought years ago on ebay. I was told these were purchased in Disneyland in the Adventureland Bazaar. Here is the email I received below:
"Hello.....I've had several e-mails concerning any markings that these Tiki Mugs may have.....There are no markings whatsoever (re: Disneyland, The Tiki Room, or other). I received them from an elderly couple (neighbors of mine) and they told me that's where they got them (some years ago). That's all I know and I hope that helps :) Good Luck and Thank You,...."
Needless to say, I now doubt the history, but since I was told these were sold at the park at one time, I will include them on this page.

To the Right is another tiki mug that was said to have been sold at Disneyland back in the 60's. Who knows? I can tell you this much about this mug:
This ceramic Tiki mug was made in Japan for Novco Imports Souvenirs, Honolulu. It is 4" tall and has a fierce looking Tiki face on the front, with green faceted glass eyes. The outside has a matte-glazed woodgrain texture and the inside has a creamy white glaze.

Paid $15 for 4 mugs

Left: Late 60's or early 1970's drink tray. It is gold with inset depictions of famous Disneyland attractions. It is made of metal and has white pinstriping accents throughout the piece.
Paid: $20 for two

Left is a pristine condition Aunt Jemimas Kitchen placemat. Mint condition collectors epherma. The Frontierland restaurant that is now the River Belle Terrace was the Aunt Jemima Pancake House from 1955 until 1962. After absorbing the adjacent Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue Restaurant, it became Aunt Jemima’s Kitchen, a name which it kept until 1970.

Paid $10

Right: Two different images(both of which I do not own) of a Tiki in the backyard of Chris Meullers Backyard. I bought one picture of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mueller that was purchased from an estate sale. Mr. Mueller is credited with working on the Disney Classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as well as designing The Elephants that currently reside in the Jungle Cruise Attraction. I bought the picture(not shown due to scanner probs) on ebay.

Paid $9.99

Some great detail of Mr. Muellers talents. Here is an excerpt of the description of my picture:
"This is a Great VINTAGE PHOTO of DISNEYLAND ARTIST & DISNEY SCULPTOR CHRIS MUELLER in his Backyard in OXNARD CALIFORINIA around 1946 with Helen Mueller and a VERY COOL BACKYARD TIKI. CHRIS sculpted the HAUNTED MANSION Sign and the Animals in the JUNGLE CRUISE RIDE. CHRIS MUELLER also scuplted the HEAD and HANDS & BODY for the classic CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON Film. Also CHRIS sculpted the GIANT SQUID and many of the NAUTILUS Submarine elements in Disney's 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA. VINTAGE ORIGINAL PHOTO is 3 1/4 X 4 1/2 & in VERY Good Condition."

Left is a vintage Frontierland Souveneir. It is a metal goodluck horseshoe that came originally in a white square thin cardboard box, almost like a shirt box. I purchased this item on ebay as well.
The original SKU is 01-0164-01

Retail $1.25+ tx(.06)

Paid on ebay $12

Right is "from what I've been told" a bootleg disneyfan item that is believed to have been made in the 70's. There exists an unknown number of these floating around. I myself, have seen at least 15 of them on ebay since 1999. Rumor was at one point that these brass door plaques were on most Main Street U.S.A. doors in the park in the 1970's, being placed directly underneath the brass door knobs. This has since been debunked by a well known Disneyland collector and seller of unique Disney items. No one knows the straight answer to where or why these were made, or who made them.
It is a Disneyland Brass Door Plaque. It pays tribute to Walt and Disneyland with his old house address and the famous opening day speech. I bought it on ebay for $45. I'll post the whole story I know about this item at another time as its a long story with basically no closure on value or origin. If anyone else knows information on this plaque, feel free to let me know!

Paid $45

Left is an original necklace sold at the Adventureland Bazaar that I actually bought when I was 6 years old! I've managed to hang onto this tiki necklace throughout the years and it is probably one of my most treasured pieces. they had about 6-8 different tiki necklaces, some being full bodied, some just faces like mine, but all the styles had different colored rinestone eyes. These are made of some type of poly plaster, and they tend to chip and or crack fairly easy. I have a different one, and it is full bodied with light blue rinestone eyes. the one pictured is clear like diamonds.

Retail: $1.09 (i think)?
Price now....Priceless

Right is the same Disneyland matchbook I own from Disneyland.

Paid $3.00

Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room 45th Anniversary Merchandise Event held on June 22,2008.

Right: Rongo Bowl Limited Edition to 500 Designed By Kevin and Jody.
Retail: $40

Enchanted Tiki Babies for the June 22nd 45th Anniversary of the Enchanted Tiki Room.
Limited Edition to 500 each.
Retail: $20 each

Above: Enchanted Tiki Room Fountain Limited to 500 pieces.
Retail: $225



Below: Pele mug made by Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily for Disneylands 50th Anniversary.
Limited Edition: 500
Original Price: $22.50

Below Right: Shag 50th Anniversary Adventureland Mug

Limited Edition: 500

                          Original price: $35

Below Right: Second Rongo bowl done in Brown Glaze variation

Limited Edition: 500
Price: $40


Enchanted Tiki Room Light Box by Robert Olszewski
Limited Edition: #248/500
Price: $128


Left: Misc Vintage Books of the Park.

Retails from $3-10


More Disney Books including castmember magazine from late 60s




Left: And Finally more Souvenir photo books from the early to mid 1960's

There is more to be added soon....Stay tuned as this is only a fraction of our collection! Thanks for looking!