Antarctic Flying in Photo's

 US Navy in Antarctica


Antarctic Development Squadron SIX 1987-1988


Crash! The Great Outdoors Aircraft Photo's LC-130 Resurrection Icebergs-N-Stuff







   A family of special  people performing a special task in a special place. For more than 30 years, members of VXE-6 have ventured to the harsh environment of Antarctica and, in so doing, have established and deveoped a rich tradition of historical achievement.

   In retrospect, Deep Freeze '87 will hold different memories  for each of us. Our personal experiences, whether they were full  and rewarding or difficult and frustrating, are fused by the formidable challenge we collectively undertook  conducting intensive aviation operations under the harshest weather  conditions  encountered by man.


We worked long and hard, we sacrificed  much, and yes, we even found time to play! And in the end, we
were extremely successful in carrying out our mission.
That accomplishment, that sense of achievement, can never  be denied us. Let us allow ourselves, at various moments, to bask  in the warmth and satisfaction of meeting the challenge we undertook. Let us remember the people with whom we served, the loved  ones who supported us so strongly, the lessons that we learned.


  Last, but not least, let us remember Antarctica. That magnificent continent - unrivaled in beauty, uncontested in ferocity  which, for five short months a year, so grudgingly offers man  a glimpse of its vast confines. Our relentless probes to the limits  of its borders have given mankind the opportunity to unlock the  secrets of the frozen continent.

  Operation Deep Freeze will continue. The people who take  part in it will change, but the constants will apply for years to  come - our respect for the challenge of the ice and the COURAGE, SACRIFICE and DEVOTION we display in meeting that  challenge!


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